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At Home Meditation With A Self Meditation Book Series

By Annabelle Holman
Meditation, while originally born of Buddhism is not necessarily associated with any one religion. There are most likely far more secular practitioners than religious ones. Many consider working through a self meditation book series part of a Spiritual path but do not see the work as being associated with organized religion.

The Hazelton books focus on the practice as an aid in dealing with a number of illnesses and other situations. The most popular of the books most likely being those devoted to the twelve step program and eating disorders. Through his books, Mr. Hazelton has helped a great many individuals discover the practice and benefits of meditation.

When schools host a “moment of silence, ” in place of prayer or as a memorial, students do not often realize the exercise as meditation. Most often individuals sit for 30-60 minutes but even one moment of a silent mind can have benefits. Whether that benefit is in relation to health and happiness or to help in succeeding at a goal, it is a practice that many feel worthwhile.

While part of some religious practices, meditation itself does not have to be associated with a church, synagogue or temple. While there are many meditative groups which meet in these locations, most do not require those attending classes and workshops to become members of the congregation.

All books related to the topic include information on the origins of meditation. Most often, the author also has an About page. A good way to see if a book is appropriate is often to read about the author. When one agrees with the basic philosophies and principles of an author, it is more likely the book and context are going to be interpreted correctly. Individuals living in California and other Northwest States are often going to find the most organized meditation masters and workshops.

The two most common forms of the practice are “letting go, ” and “focused.” Focused meditation requires the individual to maintain 100% focus on an issue or situation. “Letting go, ” or “Clearing, ” is used to clear the mind of clutter by eliminating all thoughts and sitting in silence for various periods of time.

Practitioners and workshop leaders alike need to understand the basic structure of the body. It is also important to understand natural responses and how each work. This understanding provides the focus and strength needed to maintain a regular regimen of practice.

The practice is far more than part of a religion or Spiritual practice, it is in fact also a healing agent. It has been proven that when individuals are balanced, the individual is more successful in all areas of life. Just remember, “letting go, ” helps keep and maintain this balance by keeping the mind clear. “Focus” keeps the mind strong by allowing the individual to think more clearly.

Websites which promote regular spiritual practice of any kind offer a great deal of information and insight into the New Age. Many also offer a variety of document downloads, audio files and visualizations. While often free, there are websites which also charge a nominal fee for various publications and software.

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