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Answered Questions Of When Will The Rapture Happen

By Heidi Carver
This entails the end of times as has been preached over so many years. People have so far remained eager as to when will the rapture happen and how it ought to be during that time. This revolves around antichrist and how it shall come to deceive the children of God. We have heard from many preaching that this is one of the signs that the world is almost coming to an end.

Those that are deceived by the antichrist may be taken a far from Godly nature. It is additionally clear that such individuals in this category would be in agony of tribulations for many years. Because of their enthusiasm, individuals have thought of distinctive dates and times this wrath is expected to befall non believers.

Despite all these, no one has been correct about the exact time. Numerous individuals have arrived at different choices of particular days which have passed with nothing so far. This exhibits that no one knows the exact time thus, believers ought to basically hang on until the coming again of Christ.

This then affirms to us that no particular time pinpoints when this would be experienced although it’ll certainly come when least anticipated. What we should know however, remains that Christ shall take all the believers to the place he went to prepare. Nonetheless it is not by any stretch of the imagination clear when this would take place yet we all realize that the end time is close.

Even though this is the case, people know exactly what to expect at that time. This is because once the believers are taken by Christ, then the non believers shall remain on earth to face the tribulations for a given period. This is supposed to be seen worldwide so that those who live on earth can be tested.

At this point, the Lord shall descend while making boisterous summon. Archangels in heaven would also descent with Christ and a trumpet blow will be encountered. It is this call that would raise all those who died in Christ.

In the interim, all those alive shall experience the call. The believers would in fact turn out and start ascending into the clouds with the main purpose of meeting the Lord. It is clear to us that we shall have changed physical bodies to give us the capacity to go even to unimaginable areas through flying. This ought to be in an endeavor to be taken by the Lord after meeting him in the air so as to forever stay with him.

Even before all these come to pass, numerous signs and wonders are supposed to appear from the sun, moon and stars. The sea would roar with waves and there would be much shaking as a result of the powers of heaven. When all these are seen, people will be frightened and fearful because the impact would be such a huge one. Christ shall then descend, taking all his people with him to eternity.

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