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Answer To The Question Will The Antichrist Be A Muslim?

By Essie Osborn
Literature about the judgment day as recorded in the Koran and the bible has led to a rift between Christians and Muslims. The interpretation of readings in the holy books has led many people to ask, will the antichrist be a Muslim? Theologians from both religions have given justifications regarding this suggestion leaving followers to make personal conclusions.

The Koran gives an account of an Imam whose return shall signal the judgment days. He is said to have disappeared at a tender age but is to come back before the final judgment. His return should be taken as days towards the end of the world. The accounts in the bible indicate that a ruler will rise at the same time. Those making the conclusion on Muslims base their answer on such reading.

Christians are told to be watchful for the king whose rule comes before the Day of Judgment. Verse four in the book of revelation chapter thirteen gives this account. One promise to be made by this king is peace for Israel for a period of seven years. The promise is bound to be broken. The reign will be characterized by dictatorial stunts and anarchy. This becomes a sign of an ending world.

The broken promise to Israel becomes a signal for an ending world. Christians will witness a lot of dictatorship with the king demanding recognition as god. Other signs include trickery and intrigues. The king is said to rise at around the same time of the return of this imam. Reading the two scriptures side by side has lead Christians to make the conclusion of a Muslim antichrist.

The book of Daniel gives an account of the antichrist in a way that seems to exonerate Muslims. Daniel mentions the Roman Empire in relation to the beast. Besides being the ruler, a lot of intrigues shall be witnessed, deceit and claim to be equal with God. It is the mention of Roman Empire that takes focus away from Islam.

The Roman Empire is located at a place that shifts focus away from Muslims. It was established in Europe, a geographical region that is not dominated by Muslims. The place that would readily accept a Muslim as a ruler would be the Middle East. It seems impossible to have a truce between Israel and Muslims as is indicated in the bible. The seven years promised by the ruler would therefore be impossible to imagine.

The debate around the beast is more of a theory than real possibility. For one to rule in this regard, he must find acceptance among both Muslims and Jews. A half cast between Jews and Muslims would be very acceptable. Muslims would regard him as their lost Imam while Jews would consider him their own and therefore allow him to rule.

Cross reading the Koran and the Bible has led to the conclusion about an Islamic beast. Christians are warned of deceitful rulers who will come towards judgment day. The kings who do not proclaim Christ as their Lord and Savior should be disregarded. Christians should also be aware of the deceit and intrigues perpetuated by such rulers.

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