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An Overview Of Christian Prophetic Guidance

By Marylou Forbes
In order to live an exemplary life as a Christian, one ought to know what the Lord intends people to do and acting on what He demonstrates to the people. On this note, Christian prophetic guidance is the foundation of this as Jesus Christ has under the very new covenant given the church prophets, apostles, pastors, evangelists as well as teachers. He did this regardless of the Holy Spirit existing within people.

It is important that even before the guidance on matters of prophecy develops, Christians should understand the different ways in which they can see what Lord is doing. These could include through visionary dreams, instances of recognizing heavenly appointments, the scriptures and its teaching as interpreted by the men of God, prophetic means such s intercession, words, ideas, supernatural knowledge, among others. When believers receive a revelation that seems visionary in nature, this means that it is the Holy Spirit revealing things that could not have been known through natural means.

When revelations are received by means of the Holy Spirit, followers are expected to listen to and obey the prophesy. When people create an appropriate relationship with the Maker, it should be maintained by expressing the love of God to the world at large. Prophets are charged with the responsibility of confirming what an individual heard from the Holy Spirit. This means that any person has the capability of receiving divine powers of the Holy Spirit.

In his teachings on the ways Christians should conduct themselves in the right way, Jesus used simple examples to deliver His message. The examples were in such a way that those present could relate devoid of much difficulty. For this reason, the people charged with the role of delivering the prophetic messages need to use simple case in point to ensure that followers decode easily.

Intuitions on divinatory way would be tested in certain ways by means of counter checking whether what the vision says has some relation to the Holy Bible. It is vital for Christians to take part in church society. This is because God intends for us to praise Him through doing good to other people.

Evangelizing prophetically should be simply done, in ways like sacrificing to pray for an individual who is in need, encouraging others and such other ways. Embracing accountability is very much necessary as it helps to not only remain on track with the various gifts but also aid in the growth of Christian life. It is also recommended to have a spiritual mentor who can bring positive changes in the Christian life of an individual as well as encourage throughout he journey of prophesy.

Having a close and good relationship with God is not the sole purpose of living a visionary lifestyle. It is also meant to make sure that the people around as are impacted positively with what the Father is doing. Testimonies are therefore necessary.

It is upon believers to adhere to the guidance given. They should know that the prophecy gift is not the only ticket of hearing from God. All the children of God can hear from Him and better their relationship with Him.

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