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About The Famous Catholic Renewal

By Tracie Knight
The catholic church has undergone many changes over the past few years in order to adapt to modernism and the current mindset of people. One of the most drastic of these changes would be none other than the Catholic Renewal which happened sometime during the twentieth century. For those who are interested in this period of history, here is some information about it.

Now before the whole church was revamped and transformed into the entity it is today, it went through three major changes during the twentieth century. Now the three changes that happened before the twentieth century ended was the translation of the Word, the modification of liturgy, and of course the new defining of faith in the lives of the worshippers. It was because of these three changes that the Vatican was able to adapt to its followers.

Now the very first stage was the translation of the Bible from Latin to contemporary languages. Before the transformation, the Bible always made use of Vulgate which is a fourth century translation of the Bible in the Latin language. During this time, the church revamped the whole Bible and translated it into languages that everyone could actually understand.

Now the one who lead the translation was Pope Pius XII. Now what they did was that they got the original text and studied it carefully so that they could make direct translations of it. They did this so that the original text would not lose its original essence.

Of course the next change that they made was about the liturgy because they wanted to enter the world of modernism. Now if one does not know what a liturgy is, it is the public service that worshippers would attend in order to worship God and know more about the Bible. Now the main thing that they did was that they made it a little bit less formal and changed the name to Mass.

Now this change began when the Second Vatican Council was established. The one who established this Vatican Council was none other than Pope John XXII and was actually ended by another famous Pope named Pope Paul VI. Of course this was the time that major changes were made in the rituals that the worshippers were taking part in so that people can worship better.

The last stage was the concept of faith that the worshippers already had. Now during the olden times, people were very strict when it came to faith as they would just be instructed by the church to do this and to do that. After the renewal, the church more or less made the concept of faith a little bit more personal.

So as one can see, these changes can be seen evidently today. Of course the Church will continue to just keep on growing and adapting to the times because the times are evolving too. Now the main thing that they would want to do would be to gather more people so that many more people will be able to share in the gospel of God.

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