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A Wild At Heart Boot Camp Poconos Can Change Lives

By Tanisha Berg
Boot camps are known for the way they physically challenge individuals. Men who experience a wild at heart boot camp Poconos are challenged in many other ways. The intention of these camps is for men to find their true natures and discover what God wants them to be. They are often so caught up in trying to live according to the expectations of modern society that they lost their passion and do not live life fully and from the heart.

These camps are usually held in settings away from the city and suburban life. The men are given an opportunity to spend time with God in nature. They also experience fellowship with one another and find many opportunities for sharing, man to man.

Sessions are held where the men are exposed to a vision of the fullness of what God intends for them. Many of them feel drained from carrying so much responsibility and are not living life the way it should be lived. They have an opportunity to recover their passion for living by reaching deep into their hearts and discovering their masculine soul.

John Eldridge, the author of the book that inspired these camps, saw a need for men to be more than just dutiful, loyal and responsible. They needed to discover the wildness in their hearts too and experience their innate desire for adventure. When men speak about the best times of their lives, this often involves adventure. This is why outdoor activities like horse riding, fishing, target shooting and hiking are an important part of the events on offer.

Men often receive a revelation for the first time about their warrior side. Jesus confronted culture, religion and tradition and they are also meant to fight the fight of faith as warriors. They receive a renewed sense of purpose.

A deep healing and restoration is often experienced as men begin to examine their hearts. They recover from wounds they have lived with, sometimes for many, many years. The expectations placed on them by society to be a certain way has often left them exhausted and without any sense of purpose. This restoration of their hearts affects the way they experience life and relationships, giving them identity and helping them to feel a sense of destiny once again.

Those whose relationships with their wives have suffered due to their lethargy and lack of passion often experience a change. Their wives see a new strength, honesty and passion in them. Those who do not have relationships are encouraged to fight for a woman and then love her passionately.

Many men report that a camp like this changed their lives and freed them to live passionately and from the heart. They reconnected with God and developed a new intimacy with Him thereby releasing their true nature. Impediments to emotional and spiritual vitality were overcome bringing healing. They experienced freedom from trying to be what others want them to be and instead started discovering what God had made them to be.

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