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A Trilogy Of Meditative Traditions In The Chinese Martial Arts

By Marci Glover
Warrior of Stillness is a three volume series on the power of meditation and how it relates to Chinese martial art. It describes meditative traditions in the Chinese martial arts as a result of studying under a California based master. They involve both physical and mental aspects that help an individual to achieve perfection from within.

The mode of description has a direct and immediate impact on the reader. The author combines anecdotes, theories and practical suggestions to drive the point home. He gives a historical perspective that makes it easy to understand and appreciate the entire package. These are important aspects in achieving depth in this art.

A notable point of discussion is the search for Wuji. This is described as a central point in the body which acts as the pole. It is incorporated in the Taiji tradition and leads to incredible improvements. The text places the explanation in a way that makes it easier to understand compared to other writers. One can easily identify the Taiji sphere and the cylinders.

The author insists that the central point for each individual should be the Wuji. Everything else springs from this point. Students can easily relate to this description considering that a standing posture is the genesis of any artistic expression. Both hands are placed side by side to achieve balance.

Sifu Jan creates more awareness on the body mechanic in his presentations. Understanding your body frame is crucial in achieving perfect balance. It makes meditation easy to achieve for an individual. A combination of physical and mental tuning helps to align the body in readiness for change.

Calculative and regulative exercises form part of the proposal given in these books in order to build inner energy. Tai chi moves help in controlling blood pressure by offering relaxation. They are recommended by cardiologists because they result in more energy and make the heart healthier.

The experiences shared by senior masters depict the ease with which inner strength is built. An artist who has grown used to soft arts is easily assimilated through the exercises suggested. Pivotal exercises described in the book include the Grasp Bird Tail, which involves motion, and Qigong, which is achieved from a still position.

This book has been embraced by beginners and experts alike. It explains the theories in a simplified way and guides readers on how to develop their skills. There is emphasis on simple moves that have to be practiced consistently in order to be mastered.

The first volume was published in 1995 covering the Qigong center. It was followed by volume 2 which covered The Tao of Yiquan and was released in 1999. The author describes his experiences as recorded during meditation sessions with masters.

The Masters of Perception closes the chapter on this trilogy and was released in 2013. It goes beyond the power and breadth exhibited by the master studied by Jan Sifu to describe the extraordinary depth and subtleness displayed by this master. The volumes seek to exalt and highlight the powers in stillness. The books are available online at prices that guarantee value for money.

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