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Worship Banners And Their Significance

By Tamika Quinn
Every time you visit worship centers like a church or a ministry, you will find items that you will notice. One of them would be those worship banners. You can see these things in altars and in rooms where worships normally take place. These flags come in different colors. It is a joy to look at these items especially when they are waved while praises are being sung in honor of the Lord.

These banners have different looks. Each banner differs in color, size, shape, and pattern. These flags are normally made from handmade silk. Some of these flags can also be designed using a logo or a symbol. Common symbols used are the lion, cross, dove, and grapes. There are also some flags that were printed with a single word or a phrase to make it more meaningful.

A banner is more than just a decorative item placed in a room or altar. This also has a very important purpose just like the flag of a country and the banner being used during olden times. A worship banner is an item that plays an important role especially when used for praising and worshiping.

One significant role that a banner has is to Honor God especially when worships are going to be done. Once raised, you are declaring to the world that your praises are for God alone. Similar to what flag bearers to their kings and queens, the banner helps announce the presence of God.

During praise and worships, you would see people that were given the role to wave the banner. Waving a banner expresses your allegiance to God and your love for Him. The harder you wave, the more intense you are expressing your feelings for the Father. The higher the banner is raised the higher your praises and prayers will go.

During ancient wars, there is always a banner that will act as something that guides people to gather together. This is used in order to unite all of the people fighting for a common cause. These days, a banner still acts to unify worshippers even though they are not at war. It symbolizes that every person gathered are there for one reason.

Even though not all establishments now use a banner to signify their territory, many churches or ministries still have a banner as one to mark their territory. The banner signifies God’s claim on the place. This tells the enemy of the church that God is protecting the place so they should not do anything against it.

Banners are also useful for heralding occasions. There are special flags that are brought out whenever there is special occasion held by the church. People place them in places where many people can see them. This is very effective in announcing to everyone that something great is being celebrated.

Worship banners have a special meaning that any person that goes to church can appreciate. The banner is for praising and heralding. Knowing its role in worshiping, you should always respect the banner when you will see or use one.

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