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World Outreach Ministries Provides Many Beneficial Services

By Bonnie Contreras
World Outreach Ministries is an organization of human interest workers and missionaries from many different denominations. The latter are people who require a reliable home office in order to reach their goals as efficiently as possible. The vision of the aforementioned ministry is to help such individuals in their quest to advance the Great Commission in various nations around the globe. The ministry was established in the 1970s by Jason Peebles and has experienced growth each year since.

Missionaries have been in existence for thousands of years, and most people consider such an occupation a calling rather than a job. However, without proper support, it can be difficult to answer this calling and to accomplish one’s vision. Many people become discouraged when they have no organization to fall back on for support and prayer.

A primary philosophy of World Outreach Ministries, which is abbreviated as WOM, is that all kinds of individuals are important in God’s Kingdom. Although the message does not change, there are numerous methods through which the gospel can be spread. Some individuals work in the evangelistic field, while others do translation work, perform duties in medical clinics, or work in children’s shelters. There is a role for essentially anyone who is interested in this type of ministry.

WOM offers numerous essential services for individuals on the mission field. Their objective is to assist missionaries to reach their goals, no matter where they are stationed. They oversee pledge tracking and offer support development. In addition, they handle list maintenance, receipts, deposits, and automatic gives so that field missionaries do not have to be sidetracked with administrative activities. They also provide other resources, including teaching manuals to their associates.

The missionaries served by WOM come from all kinds of church backgrounds. Providing them with the dependable home office is one of the primary goals of the ministry. WOM currently serves almost 300 missionary families who proudly call them their home office. Many missionaries do not have such backing, which often makes their job more challenging on a daily basis.

WOM’s core value is that every person, regardless of his or her race, lifestyle, culture, beliefs, or nation of birth is valuable in the sight of Jesus. They also have a firm belief that all people need Jesus Christ in order to gain eternal life. The Bible states that each person is invaluable in the sight of God, but still in need salvation even if he or she lives a good life.

WOM reaches out to missionaries all over the world. These areas include Asia, Europe, Central and South America, Africa, and many islands. Those working in foreign lands appreciate a solid home office on which they can depend.

It encourages many independent missionaries to understand that they are not alone in their calling. World Outreach Ministries is available to stand behind such individuals and provide ongoing services that are considered essential for any successful missionary. Those who want to learn more about this ministry should visit their website and explore what they have to offer to today’s modern missionary families.

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