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Why It Is Important To Join A Church Of The Right Doctrine

By Marissa Velazquez
The house of God plays a very vital role in the spiritual growth of any Christian. It is therefore important that every believer identifies the right house of worship and join a church that teaches the right doctrines. Houses of worship that teach false doctrines pose a huge danger to the entire body of Christ.

The bible says that Christianity is a spiritual warfare against principalities and powers of darkness. As such, a new believer is exposed to these attacks as soon as they profess Christ over their lives. A new believer may not be aware of these attacks and how to fight back in the spirit but, in a congregation of believers with the stewardship of a pastor, the newly saved are well guided in prayer and the word.

Some houses of worship teach their members cultic practices that end up ruining the lives of people. Without proper knowledge of the right doctrines, Christians can easily be lead astray by false houses of worship. Similarly, new believers intending to be part of the Christian fraternity can be lead astray into a denomination that they did not intend for.

Christians are followers of the character and life of Christ. The book of Acts of the Apostles presents the picture of the first house of worship of Christ formed after the disciples received the Holy Spirit. Since the apostles were gathered together under the leadership of Paul, a man the scriptures says we should emulate as he emulates Christ, it is therefore necessary that new believers find a family in emulation of the scriptures.

The house of worship is a place for believers to grow in the word of God. The bible provides knowledge that teaches what is good and rebukes evil helping the believers to remain firm in the faith. Believers who are well equipped with the word of God can correctly teach the word to unbelievers and lead them to accepting Christ in their lives.

Christians can be able to distinguish right doctrine from false doctrine by rooting themselves in the word of God. Any house of worship that teaches anything that is contrary to what is written in the holy books is a false house of worship. With the word of God, Christians can be well sensitive in the spirit and avoid other teachings that pose a danger to their spiritual maturity.

The bible warns in the book of revelation of people in the end times who will come to preach in the name of Christ yet they teach contrary things. The mention of this in the bible is an indication of the importance of believers being part of a house of worship that teaches the true word of God. That true word will set the captives free from their ungodly acts.

New believers ought to join a church for them to progress in their Christianity. Staying out of touch with congregants and a spiritual leader will pose great threats towards the rooting of a new believer in Christ. The obligation is well in line with the word of God and thus should be kept.

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