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Why Do People Get Baptized

By Rachael Gutierrez
The question why do people get baptized has many answers. Most of them are centered on the bible and the teachings that can be drawn from these scriptures. Baptism is a sign of obedience to the word of God as it is written in the bible. This is a commandment that was given by Jesus to anyone who wanted to follow Him and become a Christian.

The baptism of an individual is a message that he has accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. This symbolic ceremony points at a life that has changed. Friends, relatives and the congregation begin to view such a person in a different light. It shows that the person is making progress in a different path in life. This is exemplified by the Philippians jailer, as accounts of Acts 16 read, who requested that his family receive baptism because they had accepted the God whom Paul served.

From the 19th verse of the first chapter of 1st John, confession of sin is required if anyone is to be purified. For this event to take place, a person must go through the symbolic ritual of baptism. It indicates changed belief after the person has submitted to Christ. Dripping or flowing water cleanses the person and signals washing away.

The decision to submit to the will of God was given even more significance by Jesus Christ when he went before John the Baptist in River Jordan. When the skies opened and a voice was heard, it indicated that God had approved this action. Christians are asked to do the same and gain the approval of God in heaven.

When Jesus was sending disciples to go out and evangelize in Matthew 28, he ordered them to go beyond preaching. They were supposed to baptize those who agreed to convert in the name of the father, son and Holy Spirit. This meant a symbolic gesture that one has crossed over and is no longer the old sinner. Baptism affirmed that the word of God was taken and that the person is ready to follow what it says.

There is a lot of symbolism during baptism that explains why the trend is not about to die. A person is dipped in water to signify when Christ died. The minutes spent submerged in water point at the days Christ spent in the tomb. When the person emerges, it implies that new life has begun and the sins have been cleansed.

Believers in original sin take baptism as a chance to get cleansing. This sin is passed to every person during birth and can only be removed through baptism. This explains why children are baptized in some churches including the Catholic Church. The aim is to cleanse the new born of original sin.

Why do people get baptized is a question that continues to baffle many. The decision is personal and the desire must be communicated to the baptizing pastor. It is a decision to change ways and keep in the path of Christ. Each church has unique requirements and procedures for their faithful.

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