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Where World Outreach Ministries Must Have Originated

By Bonnie Contreras
The mission statement of the World Outreach Ministries focus on making the Gospel of Christ known to people from different walks of life. The reason for their establishment is to win as many souls as possible to Christ and to make people grow strong in faith and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. A more interesting part is that they build communities, which can reach out other communities.

When Jesus sent out the twelve disciples, He gave them a command to go out, preach good news to people, and shake the dust of their feet to those who reject them as a testimony of their faith. He asked them to health the sick and drive out demons in His name. He told them that He would be with them meaning He would give them strength.

Many disciples across the world are teaching people about the love of Christ, how He suffered shame on the tree for the sake of humankind that they may have life in abundance. The Ministers are working in different capacities globally. They are making Christ known by those who have heard of Him and those to whom the name is still foreign.

It is important to note that the great commission analyzes the vision of Jesus for humanity. It is His desire that people become part of the creation of God and receive everlasting life. All the disciples were to increase in large number and go out and share the hidden truth about Jesus Christ, the meaning of the cross the message of hope for the people of God. They were to teach people what Jesus taught and constantly remind them of these teachings as well.

Because there are ministers deeply rooted in the Word of God, their mission is to not only win souls to Christ but also make a community of Disciples of Christ. God has therefore not only called the teachers of His word to preach but also to train people to become disciple of Christ. It is obvious this will to expand the church and to reach out to a large number of people out there.

Changing the world is not easy when you teach a message of judgment. Preaching such a message to people who have never heard about Christ is completely absurd and never encouraged. If Jesus had brought the message of condemnation to people, then there love would not exist, only uncertainties about the existence of the kingdom of God.

The problem however is that as the earth population grows the laborers for the Kingdom of God is becoming smaller. Many are growing weak and the challenges of the world making them grow weary in doing good. This is why there is a need to pray to God about people in any ministry.

World Outreach Ministries should not work for their own glory and they should never forget that they are working for God. They should also understand that the work of God has challenges but always have a heart to continue. They should never forget that God would reward them for the good work that they are doing.

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