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When Is The Rapture Occurring?

By Kerry Ross
Bible passages about when is the rapture provide the best answers about the second coming of Jesus. While on earth, Jesus told his disciples that He would come back again. After several generations have come and gone, present day Christians and others who hear the account are not fully convinced if this will happen. This has led to several predictions and many who were once filled with the Holy Ghost have derailed from the faith. This issue is a critical one that can only be addressed by asking the Holy Spirit to help in the interpretation of God’s word.

Matthew 24:36 explains that no one knows the hour or the time when the rapture will take place. It was not known to Jesus while He was on earth and even the angels are ignorant about it. This also explains why several predictions have failed in the past. Hence, every possible prediction is just an attempt by the devil to distract people from being watchful.

Unfortunately, apart from the signs of the end time, there shall be no other event to indicate the Lord’s second coming. This explains why Jesus said that He shall come like a thief at night. At the time of His second return many people shall be engaged in trivial activities. Actually, this is not God’s will but He wants to get a church that is without spot and wrinkle.

Every man on earth will notice the second return. Revelation 1:7 says that every eye will see Him when He comes through the clouds. Even those who persecute Him, the sinners, will witness His return and there will be no need to doubt any report about it. There will be so many regrets and people would even wish they were not born.

The rapture will take place very quickly. According to 1 Corinthians 15:22, it will take place in the twinkling of an eye and at the sound of the last trumpet. At the sound of the trumpet, even those who had died several years ago will arise and those who will still be on earth will be changed. It is going to be a glorious transformation.

God wants everybody to be mindful of this. Whether you are a Christian or not, the fact is that everybody on earth will surely be affected by this. There is no need to claim religious difference in this case because the consequences will be very grave to those who ignore the warning.

In 1 Thessalonians 4:18, the apostle Paul was led to instruct the believers to comfort other believers with the events of Christ’s second coming. Hence, God does not want us to be afraid because of this but instead, He wants man to be prepared and avoid the consequences. Predictions have never worked and they shall not except the Lord reveals it Himself.

So what are you expected to do? The answer is simple- be watchful. This was the command in Mark 13:37. Pastors, evangelists, church workers, home cell fellowship leaders and everyone on earth have the same instruction to be watchful. This is the only way to make it and avoid confusions from people who try to deceive people with trivial questions such as when is the rapture.

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