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When I Was Searching For A Baptism Dress, I Found A Fantastic One

By Raheem T. Schoen
My daughter had been looking forward to getting baptized for a long time, and for her, it seemed as if her eighth birthday would never come soon enough, and for my part, I wanted to make the day special, so I decided to help her find the perfect baptism dress. I know that some people have talented relatives who make gorgeous dresses, but no one in my family possesses those particular skills, so I knew that we would have to go shopping in order to find the right dress for her.

Rather than just drive around, hoping to stumble across a store that sold white dresses for eight year old girls, I determined to look online first in order to see what was available in terms of stores where she could try on dresses before we made a purchase. I am definitely happy that I went this route, since before long I found the website for an awesome local store that sold some gorgeous white dresses and at very reasonable prices!

I told my daughter about this store and she could barely wait to get in the car and drive down there to look at the dresses, which we did, and the whole way over, she joyfully chatted about her upcoming baptism, which brought tears to my eyes. When we pulled up to the store, I had to compose myself a bit, but my daughter got out of the car and bounced straight in through the front door.

I followed her in, and we set out to find the perfect dress, which took a while since they had so many stunning dresses to choose from, but after trying several dresses on, my daughter announced that she had found the perfect one. We purchased the dress, and drove home, and the smile on her face was something that I will hold in my memories forever.

The baptism day was an incredible experience for all of us, with a lot of extended family that came from out of town just for the occasion, and we all enjoyed the music, speakers and the baptism ceremony as well. When it was all over, I felt a little disappointed that this important day was behind us now, but then I realized that my second daughter would be turning eight before I knew it, and I was thrilled that this time I would know right where to go to find the perfect baptism dress for her!

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