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What To Purchase At A Wiccan Supply Store Online

By Angel Dudley
Wicca has been one of the fastest growing religions in the Western world, and serving this growing community has become a thriving business. Once a mere handful of practitioners in the 1950s, it has grown into a religion of over two million according to some estimates. It is no surprise that an entire industry has sprung up to provide many examples of the sort of Wiccan supply store online needed by this quickly growing community.

Many religions are known for their spare metaphysical and material cultures their preference for simplicity and silence. There the preference is for unadorned spaces, furnished by little more than light. This approach is both desirable and effective for their adherents, but nothing could be more different from such an approach than Wicca. Wicca nearly overflows with religious objects, and its adherents see almost every thing in the world as available for religious practice.

For those in the Wiccan movement, there has always been an issue about whether and how much one should shop online or at one’s local brick-and-mortar occult shop, largely because local stores are so often attached to local covens. In those cases, much or all of the covens’ operating expenses are derived from selling both religious objects and services to foot customers. Purchasing over the Web, though, has grown common, and is part of almost every witch’s shopping for occult gear, since no physical shop can equal the variety, and few can equal the great bargains available on the Internet.

Out of all the websites that sell Wicca or occult oriented material, many are actually owned by practitioners themselves. Making certain who runs the store is no unimportant consideration, since most of their goods are magical and intended to produce highly specific magical effects. For this to be legitimate, the individual crafting these objects will have to possess knowledge of magic themselves, not just knowledge of how to make a stick of incense smell nice.

There are oils as well as incenses which have been blended in certain ways to produce particular effects of a magical nature. For instance, a banishing mix could contain bay leaf, sage, and various herbs and plants. It can then be used for cleansing living quarters and other spaces from dangerous influences, either those specifically directed against that individual, or those which the individual has “inherited” by moving into an “unclean” residence.

An oil or incense blend meant to attract love or sex might contain a happy mixture of roses, musk, and more. Further, there are blends for everything from abundance to spiritual insight and beyond. It goes without saying that whoever makes these blends should know something more than simply what smells nice, which is an art in itself.

In Wicca, prayer or magick working can be performed outdoors, in the natural world Wicca so reveres, or it can be performed in one’s home. If the latter, it is most commonly conducted before an altar, and altar materials represent perhaps the biggest expense in a practitioner’s budget. They include a variety of candles, candle snuffers, chalices, cauldrons, and sometimes special equipment like scrying mirrors.

Any occult shop will offer a Book of Shadows and tarot cards of many kinds, as well as statues and more. They will generally offer starter kits with all the equipment needed to begin practice. Everything one needs can be obtained at a Wiccan supply store online.

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