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What Harare Church Leaders Should Know About Congregations

By Katrina Wheeler
Many centers of worship have turned to what Jesus once called a den of thieves. It is actually sad to see true men of God turning to money lovers and changing the house of God into a home of miracles in exchange for money and this simply means that the church is losing its values and essence. The Harare Church should at least stand out as an example and show the world that it has the potential to give the body of Christ its real value.

Many sanctuaries today have turned into moneymaking platform and this is a tragic situation, which remains a mystery. The house of God is gradually losing its meaning and if you are keen enough, you will realize that most preachers are misleading the congregation by making them believe in empty promises that may never happen. A few groups of the so-called men of God, sorry to say, are actually misquoting the Bible at their own preference.

Perhaps what many sanctuary leaders are forgetting is that the congregation is satisfied with lies and manipulations. What most preachers talk about on the podium is actually a misinterpretation of the word of God. This obviously leaves the congregation with so many questions about what the body of Christ should really be like.

However, the above statement cannot be complete if leaders of the places of worship do not take the actual responsibility left by Christ. It is sad the Bible has become a common book, too good for people to use to make money. Quite a large number of preachers today have turned the gospel of Christ into something no one ever expected would come about.

If Church leaders can take time for a moment to think about what it really means to see some members of the congregation shift to other centers of worship, then they will identify a problem. However, the level to which the sow your seed gospel has grown may not allow most to take time to analyze what the problem actually is. In most cases, they ignore this.

Just to take you back to what Paul said, he mentioned that God loves a cheerful giver. He also specified that a preacher should earn their living from where they work, but he necessarily did not say that money should be the basis of the establishment of the center of worship. He was certain this would never lead to the growth, bonding and development of the body of Christ.

If leaders can motivate people, the Body of Christ can grow big. It will expand in a huge manner. Motivation will lead to making a place of worship healthy and a center of refuse of all nation of the earth.

If Harare Church can emulate the sample of Christ, it can make a good center of worship. People need a place where they can meet Christ and feel His presence. Not a place they can leave worse and troubled than they came.

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