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What Are Cords Of Attachment

By Bridgette Conway
One may have heard of cords of attachment but do not fully understand it, and wonder if having them cut could offer any benefits. Most of the population does not have any slight idea about it. However, despite this ignorance, these connections affect every person much. These are energetic connections that connect people to each other. These people are those one could be associated with.

These connections serve as mediums where energy transfer could happen. Think of these as power lines. However, there is a two-way transfer of energies with these lines. These lines are made when one establishes a relationship with someone. This is often an emotional relationship such as parent to son, vice versa, sibling to sibling, and even friend to friend.

Nothing is really wrong with these attachments provided the person he connects with still maintains good relationship with him. These lines serve as ways of giving aid in the form of energy needed by one to perform needed tasks. Times when aid is needed can be presented in different situations, even simple ones such as being under stress from work, making decisions, or reaching goals.

Another connection similar to this is called a hook. There are only subtle dissimilarities between them. Hooks will take longer to develop. Strings normally attach between siblings, parents, sons, and relatives. With hooks, it will take much longer time and they usually are connected with people outside the genealogy. They attach deeper to energy bodies gaining stronger access with the chakra system of individuals and connect with weak or negative souls.

It is really disempowering when another soul has a hook on the energy field of someone because they are responsible for that choice. It is also disempowering for the one the hook is being attached on as because they allow it though at a subconscious level. These hooks also bring negative energy towards the individual it is attached do causing him to produce a negative chakra that he sends out to the world.

This seems like a casting of spell where one is unaware. However, this is really not the situation. Emotional response of a person to actions done by another individual are means of giving permission for this. Just like other energy forms, permission needs to be granted first, and these are rather done subconsciously.

These energetic connections are not really negative. This serves as help lines for different people having close attachments. Sympathy and help is expressed through this. However, the soul could not find benefit from this unless he is on the end of the receiver. One may find reaching goals hard to reach and not know that these energetic connections are responsible for it.

Some examples of this negative connections are when a person has known someone before and have ended their relationship or have no contact with him already. This can be an ex spouse, parent who left when one was still young, or a former friend. An individual will not have any benefits from being connected with them anymore.

However, that could be remedied. Cords of attachment could be broken. There are gifted people who have poured much study on how to exactly do this. These seemingly intangible connections could still be corrected. One will have to discover on ways of doing this in order to make his situation better. Having an understanding on this will help one seek people who could help.

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