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Useful Information About Jack Van Impe False Teacher

By Maryanne Goff
Some Christians refer to this preacher of the gospel as Jack Van Impe false teacher of the Christian faith. His reputation as a fraud can be quite shocking. The reason for this bad reputation is that he has made many biblical prophecies none of which have ever come true. One would think that given such a dismal track record that he would quit the prophecy business. However, his failure to make accurate predictions does not deter this minister of the gospel.

It is curious why other Christians get so upset about his lack of talent for fortune telling. After all, isn’t Christianity suppose to be a forgiving religion. Christianity is a religion whose main principle is that God forgives those who accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior. Jesus said that he who is without sin should cast the first stone. Given this tolerance for human weakness, it seems hypocritical for others to criticize him.

Examining the purpose that religion serves in society helps clarify the point. Church membership is a unifying force that gives society a moral compass and emotional support. It provides an ethical code of conduct for living life in a meaningful way. Many find comfort and security in religious rituals and traditions.

The rituals, symbols, and stories that are part of a religion are the accoutrements of a faith. To non-believers, they are merely fairly tales that violate the laws of physics. Certain sects do interpret the scripture as the literal word of God, but most believers understand that these are metaphors used to help followers understand the real meaning.

Prophecies serve the same purpose of biblical stories in that they serve as metaphors. A prophecy is an expression of a problem or issue that must be addressed by religious leaders and followers. They do not actually have to come true to be effective. The issuance of the prediction in itself gets acolytes to meditate upon the issue at hand.

This minister is immersed in the words of the holy book. In fact, he practically has the Bible committed to memory. His work as a prophet is only one small aspect of his work. His ministry ought not be condemned because, on the surface, his prophecy appear to be false. There is a higher truth that is revealed. His other work helping the sick and the poor must also be considered when evaluating his ministry.

Instead of spending their time diminishing someone else, perhaps, his critics would be more productive by practicing their faith through prayer and good deeds. Jesus taught us that we ought not judge others. All humans have their weaknesses and faults. The path that God wants us to follow is focused on how we live our lives, not on the weaknesses of others.

Even if some people call Jack Van Impe false teacher of the Christian faith, you should not be swayed into jumping on the bandwagon. Remember we are all sinners. If God can forgive then you certainly can forgive a good Christian for their weaknesses.

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