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Useful Information About The First Edition Book Of Mormon

By Dawn Williams
First Edition Book of Mormon is a religious book. It contains various passages. Some parts of scripture relate to how lives can be improved using religion. Other sections deal with topics such as morality, church norms, practices and how to go to heaven. The person behind this publication is called Joseph Smith. He dictated the various chapters to a number of scribes for a period exceeding two years.

This first edition was printed in 1830. But since this time, a number of editions have been written. Currently, this manuscript is accepted by members of the church of latter day saints (LDS) and the Community of Christ.

Social, cultural, economic and political issues have been dealt with. Joseph Smith addressed completely the issue of American being an exception among other nations. According to him, USA is a promised land therefore citizens of this great country qualify for particular privileges.

From the teachings of this manuscript, every man has to fall. The author says that apostasy is an obligation for God to return. This fact is also upheld by many religious factions. Joseph smith has also written of his opinion about the scripture where prophet Isaiah talks about whisper out of the dust. He states that when the prophet was saying this he meant that the manuscript of Mormon will one day be in print.

Constant study is needed so as to be able to understand the different concepts. At times, group study will help a lot. It is always advisable to discuss with other members of the Mormon fraternity, core issues that relate to the faith.

The compilation of this volume took a period of time before it was published. There were a lot of activities done behind the scenes that made this possible. The people who were concerned with the work are now being considered among the most notable people in the religious history. There have however been several corrections made to the edition from the time it was first published. These corrections were focused on the numerical and arithmetic errors that were made during translation.

The reality of Messiah is an issue that has been dealt with. The central figure of all texts is Jesus Christ. There are sections that make reference to the Trinity. It is believed that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, are one. Virgin birth of Jesus, early childhood, ministry, death and ultimate resurrection are some of the themes that have been discussed. Prophesies and visions have been used to reinforce the messages presented.

However this publication has not been without controversies. Many people have criticized it because of the stand it makes on several matters. But other people have positive opinions about it and they feel it is a gift to humanity. They believe this sacred text can change the lives of believers in many ways because of the inspired text focusing common life issues. Either way it is always good to tolerate the different views of people regarding this publication.

In some Christian circles, First Edition Book of Mormon is the manual that guides adherents in day to day life. The publication has addressed core issues. One needs to read the different chapters so as to learn more about the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS).

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