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Understanding How To Be Saved By Jesus

By Adele Madden
The religion of Christianity is associated with something called the salvation message, and the latter is a primary cornerstone of the faith. Certain individuals, however, do not understand how to be saved by Jesus. Below is a simple explanation of this belief and how a person can pursue salvation from his or her sins and wrongdoings, and subsequently gain eternal life:

The first book of the Bible is Genesis, which tells about Adam and Eve, who lived a sinless life. This changed, unfortunately, when they willfully disobeyed their Heavenly Father and lost their immortal nature, becoming mortals with the ability to sin. However, Jesus, the son of God, was sent to Earth to atone for the world’s sins by being crucified on the cross. This made the gift of salvation available to anyone who believes on Him.

According to Romans Chapter 3, a book found in the New Testament section of the Bible, all people are sinful. This indicates that no person is fit to share God’s glory without salvation. In Romans chapter 6, God says that the wages of sin are death. The type of death to which He is referring is spiritual. This occurs when a person’s soul leaves his or her body after physical death and descends to hell. Further scriptures explain that through Christ, eternal life can be obtained.

Salvation is a gift offered to every human being. God shows no favoritism, and will never offer his forgiveness to one individual and reject another person. Anyone who believes can embrace salvation gift. It does not depend on an individual’s deeds or way of living, but rather depends on whether or not the person believes in what was accomplished when Jesus met death on the cross.

To be saved, which essentially means to convert to Christianity, a person must do two things. He or she must confess out loud that Jesus Christ is the son of God and that he or she believes this is true. The person must also believe from his or her heart that God resurrected Jesus after his crucifixion. Therefore, it is a two-step process that involves making an audible confession, and believing the appropriate thing in one’s heart.

Numerous individuals wonder how to keep their salvation after it has been received. The Bible states that a person’s salvation will not be rescinded unless the individual decides at some point to return to the life that he or she lived previously and reject the promise of eternal life. In other words, God will not reject man, but man can reject God.

Virtually everyone has sinned after becoming saved; however, this does not negate the gift of eternal life. In the First Epistle of John, a person will see that whoever confesses his or her sins to Jesus and repents will be forgiven.

Individuals who are interested in how to be saved by Jesus sometimes believe that it is necessary to go to a church or other formal environment to pray for their salvation. However, a person can embrace Christianity by following the aforementioned steps, regardless of where they are. The Heavenly Father hears his peoples’ prayers under any circumstances and at all times.

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