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True Doctrine Understood And Its Impacts On Community

By Alyssa McCall
Everyone needs to be educated on the true doctrine understood. There are very many beliefs that are based on different background. One they can be from a certain religion, political beliefs or even scientific. All these are with human beings on the earth.

Police are the once who maintain law and order. But they are not the ones who make laws anyway. Laws are made by different people depending on the country. Laws can never be made by an individual.

When one get to be educated on the true doctrine understood, they get to know both advantages and disadvantages of the beliefs. On the advantages is that these beliefs can be flexible with time. For example in the rules followed in a country. For the constitutions they keep changing showing the rules can be flexible.

When one know about the constitution they always have greater confidence on those rules. For example if one person tries to threaten a person on different issues, the person has the confidence to prove the other person wrong. This is a good way of defending on self.

Sometimes people who make laws may not remember to consider other facts. Although laws are made by a group people they may make mistakes. Man is to error. Thus some laws may not apply.Other laws may appear ambiguous to the citizens. Imagine in a case where children are asked to report their parents on any mistreatment. Mistreatment is a term that can have many means. If for example avoiding the child from being with bad company is mistreating to the child mind. Then the law is quite unclear.

Laws have benefits and shortcomings; one of the best things about laws is that they can change. There is no way laws will be as they were the first day this is because time is moving. As time moves some laws gets to be of no use. For example beliefs that a girl was to be considered mature only after they are circumcised are out of the adhered laws. This is because laws are used to better the society. Circumcising a girl is threatening her life such laws can never be apply.

These laws and beliefs have disadvantages too. They may cause problem for example in the work place. For example if the manager beliefs they should rest on Friday while the employee wants to rest on Saturday, such beliefs may cause a lot of problems if not well taken care of. This is because it will mean there are times some employees are willing to work but the employer is not for it.

Acquiring knowledge on the true doctrine understood is a better chance to live better lives. For educated person doing things because ones fore-father did them is not wise. Learned people are expected to look at things on their own perspective any analyze them to understand why people do things the way they do it. In general, it is polite to adhere and respect laws of the country.The main impact of it is that it has enhanced peace and harmony in the community.

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