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Thoughts On Global Spirituality And The Spirit World For Everyday People

By Tara Daniels
There is not a day that goes by in the world of global spirituality that some one some where does not stand up and say, wait I have the answer listen to me. Here is the thing though, like all important things it is open to interpretation by the very people that are experiencing it. No single person has the answers people seek, they can only be found by asking questions and searching within ans well as without. It is a wonderful voyage filled with many ups and downs. In the end if enlightenment were easy, it would have no real value.

There is a lot of misinformation regarding the literal nature of the spirit realm. It is the right and natural place for human souls. It is also made from many separate layers each having different qualities. How far along our souls are advanced on the path to the seat of God influences where they are at any given time in this realm.

The fourth layer is the lowest and divided into two parts, the hell plane and the astral plane. The hell plane is one of delusion and lies for people who have forgotten their true spiritual nature. The astral plane is for souls that are still unable to give up worldly things and ideas.

The fifth realm is what most people see as heaven. The beings who are there are filled with understanding and love. They possess a pure and humble nature and want the same for each of the other beings they interact with.

The sixth realm is composed of light. This place is where great spiritual leaders are who have the power to make their love and light felt throughout the world. Their strength flows from the understanding of how everything connects and the positive nature of the divine. They use this power to cultivate God’s divinity across the planet.

The seventh area is the first of the angelic realms. This is where angles which serve God’s will dwell. They possess selfless minds and move around the planet helping people find salvation. Their primary goal is the implementation of God’s divine will on this planet by reinforcing his love and truth into spiritual practice.

The eighth layer is the highest angelic realm. This is where the great angelic beings combine to form a powerful force. As a force they are part of yet apart from the mind of God. They are free to act up on the world for his behalf, though do so only rarely. They are also free to separate themselves into a single being when necessary to help this world move toward enlightenment.

The ninth region is the sole realm of God. This is the force that masterminds all global spirituality for all the beings that exist. The bottom three realms are the where everything else dwells depending on how cognitive and how connected it is to the things around it. We have a primary responsibility for protecting these things because they, like us, have a profound energy so they are unique.

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