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This Will Be The Second Coming Of Jesus

By Kelly Wood
While He was still on earth, Jesus promised that He would come back to take the Church with Him to live in heaven forever. Up until now, many people still wonder what will be the second coming of Jesus. Those who do not read the Bible have little and or no idea of the very events that will take place during that time.

While Jesus was still on earth, He told the twelve disciples that He is going to heaven, to prepare a place for the Church. In His own words, He said that there are many rooms in heaven and that someday, you would get an opportunity to spend time with Him in eternity. However, He did not actually mention what day, time or hour He would return.

The case of the return of Jesus is quite a straight6forward one. According to the scriptures in Matthew, no one knows about that day or the hours, not even the angels in heaven of the Son of Man Himself, only God in heaven does. In fact, Jesus only gives the signs and symbols that signifies His return but does not give any specific day.

Many confusing teachings about Christ and His return exist and this has made it quite difficult to understand how people will recognize Him when He comes to pick the Church. However, if you are engrossed to your Bible, then it is time to peruse through the pages and see exactly how it will be like when He comes back. Here is a clue about the return of the Messiah.

It is important to understand that according to the scripture, the return of Jesus will not be a quite one. There are several scriptures in the New Testament, which describes in details what will take place when He returns. It is therefore important to get these facts clear in your mind to avoid falsehood and distraction from those giving false information.

After the tribulations spoken by Jesus in Matthew 24 pass, there will be total darkness on the face of the earth. According to the words of Christ Himself, the sun will be darkened, the moon will not give its light and the stars will fall from the sky. Immediately after this, the mighty glory of heavens will shake and there shall come the Son of Man in great glory.

The return of the Son of Man will be in a similar manner During His accession. After He had ascended to heaven, the disciples kept looking up when an angel appeared to them. The angel passed a message saying that the same way they had seen Jesus take up to haven is the same way he would return in great glory.

This will be the second coming of the Son of Man and He will come and take charge of the earth. Jesus will have full control over everything and this time, He will not come as a savior but as a Judge. Remember that when He came the first time, His mission was to redeem the children of God from sin, but this time, He will reward each person according to what they have done.

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