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The United Garden Of Eden

By Lilia Moody
The United Garden of Eden refers to the idea of restoring world peace through respect and recognition of differences in opinion and behavior. The aim is to build a world that is harmonious, peaceful and tolerant like it existed when Adam and Eve lived. The genesis of the idea is that every person in the world has a voice and a right to be heard. Divergence in religious, social or cultural views should not cause division.

The aim of the platform is to connect people of diverse cultural, ethnic and world views in order to foster peaceful coexistence. This is possible is the people hated and judged less. Such traits are responsible for increasing conflicts and evils in the world. Personal choices on religion and way of life should be respected. This will see an end to conflicts and wars with eventual return to peace.

The ideas that have informed this approach include a culture of greed and prejudice. Some communities continue to view others in negative light and as unworthy or lowly rated. This has led to an endless cycle of wars in different corners of the world. The most recent threat is the nuclear crisis that is fueled by intolerance. Any such conflict would be senseless and lead to immense destruction of property and loss of lives.

The world has also witnessed other conflicts that can be avoided. Beside wars, famines and poverty are not primarily natural phenomenon. They are caused by greed and the failure of certain individuals to share the available natural resources with fellow countrymen. The suffering and destruction of the planet are as a result of selfishness.

Human beings have an opportunity to build a new future in what is known as the beginning of a new light. The world will get peace as societies exist in harmony. Differences in nationality, religion, ethnicity or social status will no longer divide populations. It is an era of mutual respect with no superiority based on social classifications. There is respect and appreciation of intrinsic rights to belief and exist.

The process of return began on the Q-day when people symbolically went back to the Garden of Eden. Mormons have recorded this day as having been prophesied thousands of years back. The prophesy is contained in the literature of Mayans, the original inhabitants of America before European invasion. The return has no semblance with the predicted end of the world that was to take place on 21st December 2012.

Studies into Mormonism point to Missouri as the restoration land. This is where Adam settled after he was expelled from Eden because of sin. It is this location that is referred to as the New Jerusalem. It is believed that Adam blessed his children on this land before he died. It therefore has a unique significance to Mormons and is considered the new land of peace.

The significance of the United Garden of Eden is magnified by successive Mormon leaders in their writing. They give account of how Adam gathered seven generations before his death for final blessings. This is the site that will unite all his children who dispersed as a result of religious persecution. Their return to the site will herald world peace.

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