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The Teachings Of Staten Island Christian Church

By Lana Bray
Staten Island Christian church teaches the word of God using the holy bible. This is a place with different churches that embrace Christianity and they all preach the teachings of the lord to the people. These institutions are of great importance to the society as they teach good morals thereby allowing us live in a community that is church oriented.

Since it is establishment [the church has been a home to many citizens as they seek assistance from this facility. People lives have been changed and every one comes back to thank God for all the miracles that he has performed. Many people who come to this church have all given testimonies that reflect the true hand of God.

Preachers are also interested in changing the lives of the less fortunate in the society and therefore they pray for them and offer them shelter. They instill in them all the good values hence they grow up knowing who Jesus is. Many of them end up being pastor or priests and they end up serving the lord and also teaching the holy word.

Many churches across this area teach the word from the holy bible and therefore they teach mostly on how best to read the bible and understand it. This helps them adapt the procedures followed when praying and also preaching to others. This way, people are able to read their own bible and understand it without problems.

The congregation is also taught how to pray and how to say effective prayers. This is enable people say prayers that will be clear and that will be answered immediately so that one can be able to enjoy the fruits of the said prayers. This is to make this state a praying state and that people from other states can be able to emulate what happens here.

The surrounding area is well secured and every single day they are holding a major event they hire security team that is well trained to deal with criminals. This is mainly to avert possible terrorist attacks and also ensure that there is enough security for the congregation. People are also advised to report any suspicious activities around the area so as to ensure that everyone is secure.

They encourage young people to live responsibly and through this, many teenagers are able to go through their adolescent stage without engaging themselves in irresponsible behaviors. This means they are able to complete their studies in time and achieve their goals without distractions. This is to prevent early pregnancies and other distractive activities that come along with youth hood.

Staten Island Christian church is one of the best churches in the town and therefore it encourages anyone visiting this to make effort coming here and feel the difference. This is a place for everyone hence there is no discrimination both the rich and the poor are welcome. They have also sponsored several children who their parent cannot afford their school fees.

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