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The Strength Within The Negro Spirituals

By Bridgette Conway
There are many different forms of music, which came out of Black communities of the USA. The most significant though is the Negro spirituals. This is so, as these are the backbone of most of current music genre, which exists.

These classes that were guided by the spirituals vary from soul, jazz, rock and roll, gospel, rap, and rhythm and blues. The types of music started a long way ahead of the Civil War, and were an outstanding feature of daily life in whatever circumstance they might have found themselves.

Slaves created the use of these compilations to assist them in making daily work lighter and it additionally served as assistance to slave escapes. The tunes resembled non-secular tunes and therefore had spiritual content. As a result, it became a part of the faith of slaves who converted to Christianity.

The music was merged with stories from the Bible and the words became part of these songs. It represented their faith, salvation, hope and freedom. At the same time, it gave expression to their torment and distress at being enchained in slavery.

When these songs were sung, it sounded as though it had no meaning to the rest of our world. The truth is that it was meant as a personal expression and had profound meaning to those who sang it. It had to do with the deep desire to be set free from the slavery they were in.

The outcomes of music from the slave era have remained an essential part of people of African-American descent. The rap scene continues to emulate their distress and dissatisfaction through their statements. Its profoundly speaking of the modern “slavery” and continues in the vein of being set free.

Some people have the misconception that these songs were of satisfaction and joy. Only those who do not have an intimate knowledge for the reasons for people singing these tunes could say this. Even so, it does not take away from the absolute beauty of its renditions.

The musical representations are important aspects of the heritage of African-American individuals. The overwhelming majority of rhythmic tunes are rooted in Africa because the individuals were hauled across the ocean to a foreign land and enslaved. English was introduced through the use of Biblical phrases and this often explains the Biblical content.

The music was not only meant for certain places, time and spaces. The places wherever renditions of the songs were sung were cotton fields, community halls, recital halls, work camps and also churches. This was later expanded to include bars and clubs where these songs were sung.

The tunes were merged into additional fields such as social battles and in particular the civil rights movement. These songs were therefore a very serious and integral part of history. The entire whole development produced various great singers, bands and teams. It had been a particularly powerful method within which this form of expression was used.

The contribution of Negro spirituals to the world of music is undeniable. It does not matter what its background, its influence is wide. What makes it even more powerful is that it evokes the desire to know a history that many would like to forget.

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