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The Story Behind The First Edition Book Of Mormon

By Janelle Burnett
There are many who are not really familiar of the First Edition Book of Mormon. This concept may not always be something that people will grasp in a flash. Reading this is more than just a thing for the fanatic. Everyone believes that they can turn to this literature to get to know more about God. It tells so much about that and the Americans.

This is a volume of scripture that relates to the dealings of God in a long time with people coming from the Americas. In a way, it is similar to the Bible because it talks much about God dealing with a group of people. The Bible is the witness of Christ. The Book of Mormon on the other hand is a validation of the Biblical doctrine. It verifies the divinity of Christ.

This is a very complex material that covers vast historical, political, military and religious events in different ancient communities. The reading deals so much with the descendants of Lehi. He is a prophet who lived in Jerusalem. He was then warned by God to flee together with his family and some other people. They were then guided into a journey into the New World.

They founded a civilization. The descendants then kept the sacred history of Lehi and his people. It covers long years. It is estimated that the history is from 600 BC to 400 AD. One of the descendants named Moroni then wrote the literature in 400 AD.

There are three main purposes into the literature. One thing is for them to be able to convince the Jews and Gentiles about Christ as the eternal God. It also means to illustrate to the members of the House of Israel that God also made wonderful things to the ancestors. It also means to teach everyone the covenants of God. The aim is for many souls to be taken to Christ.

From the time of Mormoni who gave side comments to the literature, there have been so many changes that were made. It is said that he is one who has worked with prophets into coming up with the compilation. He was said to have been guided by the spirit. However, there are still many translations to the compilation. Joseph Smith is one who translated this through ancient gold plates.

The book is named after the last prophet named Mormon. He is one of the descendants of Lehi. He had the great task to compile and abridge the contents. These are sacred writings of the prophets and since he was last, it was named after him. Final comments were then made by Moroni, his son. He was the one who buried gold plates that were later on revealed to Smith.

There are many concerns about the accuracy of the records. As long as things are in the religious side of the fence, people would always have doubts and raise concerns. Throughout the history of the church, there are these people who believed that there were so many errors.

There have been plenty of revisions in the First Edition Book of Mormon. Despite these changes, there are still many believers. This is considered good as people lead and follow Christ in their lives.

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