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The Special Meaning Of Using Worship Banners

By Lila Barry
The use of worship banners is nothing new. They have had a place in history, and especially biblical history. They announce victory over the enemy. Royalty use the to let the people in the territory know that they are arriving. They are also symbols of the unity of a group of people.

One of the earliest records of banners is in the Bible. All throughout it, the scriptures express the power of using them. They proclaim the core basic values of the Christian faith. People respond to images that they can see. It helps the to get a clear picture about things. What they can see they remember.

In case someone were to forget, it also helped them to feel the presence of the Lord. His presence is always available to the believer. The scriptures play a large part in the use of banners, and that is because, when people can see the word, their faith is increased.

It helps in the different services today, when the congregation understands the meaning of them. Even the newer banners carry a message revealing truths about the Christian life. It is important to know the meanings because it adds richness and sincerity to how they worship.

The service should always strive to bring meaning to them and using them each time the people gather. Solomon understood this, and made sure that what the people saw, as they entered the sanctuary, reminded them of the reason they gathered in the first place. It served as a time to thing about the eternal.

Psalm 96:10 tell the believer that the Lord has a kingdom the will never end. Even though, the banners used in one church are not quite the same as another church, the meanings are the same. Each place presents their interpretation of what a flag should look like. This in one way changes the true meaning.

The message is powerful, and it talks about the devotion the convert has to the Lord. Aside, from the symbolism, color makes a strong statement, and it has the power to invoke response from those looking at it. For instance, red most often is a reminder of the shed blood of Jesus Christ, while the use of gold speaks about the deity of God. In the case of healing, green is the symbolic color.

The images used on them are a constant reminder of the reason for worship. The flags themselves are not the object of the praise, but they stir the believer to praise God. Even though, they are not to be adored, they should be respected and protected as important parts of the service.

Finally, using worship banners are good for both private and public use. If an individual wants to use them in their private devotion time it is permitted. When they are used in their personal time the presence of God is the result. It frees the believer, and it helps them to worship with their entire being.

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