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The Sightings Of Jesus Are Strange Phenomena

By Angel Dudley
When talking about the sightings of Jesus, it means describing some of the most commonly assumed ways through which the Son of Man shows His glory to humankind. Most of these occurrences do not exist in the Holy Scriptures in the Bible thus making them not only hard to trust but also having false information. In most cases, you will have to study them anyway, because there is also no place in the Bible that shows God revealing Himself to people through feelings.

However, the reason why most of these signs are nothing but mare imaginations is their lack of Biblical proof. For instance, a case where the Son of Man appears on a stone or the butts of a dog is not only strange, but also confusing. From a Biblical perspective, a dog is linked with sinners out there, who in the book of Revelation will be thrown outside the Holy City together with prostitutes.

According to Christina knowledge, God manifests His glory in various ways. It could be a feeling in the church during a worship session, a spiritual message when you are meditating at home and maybe through the beauty of a leaf falling from a tree. In as much as this is so, there seem to be more inventive ways through which Christ manifests Himself and His presence to people, of course both the good and the bad, sinners and saints.

The illusion that people see the Son of Man on a rock is quite an annoying humor. Biblically, Christ said He would build his church upon a rock, and He would become the chief cornerstone. There is not a least point, even a single phrase that says one will be able to see the Son of Man on a rock less it would be a common thing among people today.

Picture this out, no one in anyway whatsoever, knows how the Son of Man looks like, unless Peter, James and John are still alive. The exact form of Jesus will be revealed when he comes back to take the Church. The real Jesus, not the one we see on photos or in some motion pictures, will come and His glory will just be powerful enough to make everyone know that he is the one.

While making burritos for her husband in Lake Arthur, New Mexico, Maria Rubio noticed a 3 by 3 inch face of Christ burned in what she was cooking. At that instant, she took the tortilla to her local priest. The priest, however, said to her that it had been nothing but a coincidence yet approved to her that Jesus is real, just not in her burrito.

Many will say they have seen the Son of Man in their lives. The only assurance is that God does manifest Himself through deeds, but remember that even miracles these days have become instruments of deceptions. Tell a man or woman you have seen Christ, no one will believe you because He is yet to appear.

Do not confuse mere imaginations of the sightings of Jesus for His real being. These are nothing but stuff people talk about. Remember, the Bible is the strongest point of references, so use it to find proofs even if you are not a good reader of it.

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