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The Relevance Of Theories About Self Realization Actualization

By Angelita Wall
An exploration into the ideals of self realization actualization is quite an interesting subject to comprehend. Even in its complexity, still, it warrants a sense of curiosity that is tantamount to learning more about your surroundings and seeing things in a different light. Whereas there is true meaning to why you are going for a certain dream, the fact remains that sometimes it is a struggle to get by.

Philosophers have come up with a lot of theories regarding human nature. They know that each human being will be motivated at some point to give way to inhibited potentials. However, this is not as easy as passing an exam, considering that the quality of progress is subjective.

There was a man named Abraham Maslow who popularized the idea called the hierarchy of needs. His theory expressed that actualization of the self is an integral part of development, as it is the final step towards achieving psychological honing. As it is situated at the tip, one must go through several steps that leads to the fulfillment of the primary needs.

That being said, people should come to know the difference between hoping for the possible and letting go of the impossible. However, there are talks about who is to say what is doable in a lifetime. Thus, the pursuit towards realizing this is the way to discover more things that would help you in processing life.

While the journey is never ending, there are also several detours along the way. This may or may not help you get right on track towards self discovery. However, there are still lessons to be learned out of the experiences that you collect.

The life that you lived cannot be decoded and summed up. You have to remain receptive to the factors surrounding you, as observation is the key to somehow getting a grasp of whats and ifs. Truth be told, studies show that most often than not, people are not aware about their actions to a certain extent, and that they act as robots, just floating about to meet the demands of a routine.

Your thought processes are sometimes unpredictable, seeing that subconscious thoughts could persist at a given point. However, if you work towards heightening your awareness level and your affinity for observing with depth, you will also develop your receptiveness to things. You have more hold of your action and reaction, granting that you do not give in to distracting factors.

Basically, your purpose in life can remain uncovered. This is why the journey towards understanding your core being is both a liberating and a frustrating one. What you need is a closer look into theories that detail the different human behaviors so you can at least understand the nature of all that is happening to you.

Despite all these steps towards self realization actualization, remember that not one theory will suffice when it comes to fully adapting to a concept of yourself. You must explore the fusion of all governing theories and ideas so that you can best understand who you are. This exploration may not find its end, but all throughout, your intent will bear its occasional rewards that grant you a fulfilling life.

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