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The Process Of Ascension Into Mindset Development

By Jeanette Riggs
Ascension into mindset development refers to the different steps taken by individuals in order to instill a certain belief in their minds. This belief may be negative or positive. This belief also has also in most cases been the determining factor of whether an individual prospers or not.

The surroundings of an individual play a very major role in this process. Here, the events that occur repeatedly in the area an individual spends most of the time, might gradually seem like the right things to do. For instance, young girls from communities performing female genital mutilation may never see anything wrong in it. This is more especially if they have not interacted with external parties. They may grow knowing that is what other people out there are also doing, and hence must be done even to their children.

The people who may also grow up with characters that do not appear acceptable to the community may also never be to blame for anything. Such people may have been brought up in the kind of environment where people handled them so badly. A child, who grows up in an environment where people dwell on insulting each other every other time, may grow up thinking it is very normal and acceptable. These children may possess similar characters.

Majority of the people who prosper in life were brought up in a very warm environment where everything runs so smoothly. These are the kind of children that were accorded maximum support. They were meant to believe life is very good and they are great achievers who can achieve virtually everything they wish to achieve. As these children grow up, they grow up with that mindset that people must really work smart and prosper, because life is good and does not need failures.

However, there are those people who struggle to build their mind sets basing on what they have heard, even if their environments suggest the exact opposite. A girl brought up in a village where early marriages are rampant and allowed, may struggle to get educated and separate herself from those traditions. This may happen only if she has heard that elsewhere; young ladies are learning and becoming really prosperous.

Once an individual has developed a certain belief, changing it may be quite difficult. These people may be very hostile especially if they have been so attached to some habits. Any individual trying to change them may hence appear like an enemy who wishes them bad.

This process requires experts in some cases. These people may be those that are very talented in the understanding of psychology. They are in existence because the problem of dealing with a developed belief is very difficult and needs expertise. The counseling also is important because without it, some people may never prosper.

Ascension into mindset development may be quite some task for those people that have been in a certain mindset for long. Counsel and love must be accorded to these people. Society must also understand that it is not the will of majority of them to be the way they are.

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