The Popularity Of The Fashion Turban

By Claudine MacDonald
Turbans have been worn for centuries in many communities as headgear for protection against the elements. They are also worn for spiritual reasons. It was only when the west began trading with the east that there was more exposure to different cultures. This influence began to filter through to affect what was being worn. Over the years, turbans have evolved in many ways. A fashion turban has proved to be a wonderful accessory for many women. Recently, celebrities have been seen wearing them for important events and this trend is spreading like wildfire.

Increasing exposure to the east in the 1800s led to turbans being worn by European ladies in many shapes and colors. One type was created by using scarves to twist around the head with feathers and pearls for decoration. Another style looked something like the pillbox hat, except it was draped and usually had some ornamentation in front.

Turbans have been worn on and off through the years but they were put firmly on the map by designer Paul Poiret in the early 20th century. The creativity of this French couturier was greatly inspired by oriental influences. He changed the shape of the female form forever by dismissing the use of corsets and layered petticoats. He loved topping off his creations with turbans.

Hollywood actresses also popularized turbans. Swedish film star Greta Garbo and silent film actress Gloria Swanson were both photographed wearing theirs. Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly often wore colorful ones which they teamed up with glamorous ball gowns. Barbra Streisand was known for the different ways in which she wore them.

Turbans tend to make appearances through the years, at times being fashionable and then falling out of favor. In recent years they have made a great comeback. The look is all over the cat walk with gorgeous bright colors and embellishments. They have also been worn by celebrities for award shows. Icons like Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Jessica Parker have been photographed wearing them. Top model, Kate Moss, has been credited with bringing them back into style.

The turbans that are available today come in many different shapes, colors and fabrics. The colors vary from classic black and white to those which are more funky and fun. There is a style to suit everyone, from those who enjoy a more classic look to those who prefer something bolder which draws attention.

If you have a vintage scarf, it is easy to learn how to wrap one yourself. If you find this idea intimidating there are a wide variety of turbans available for purchase online. Some of them are much easier to tie than other. There are those which are already made up and just need to be tied at the back. You can search through numerous styles and colors to find what you are looking for.

You may never have considered wearing a fashion turban before. Now that some of the most famous icons of today have shown the way, it is a good time to try one out. Find one that expresses your particular style and individuality. You may even surprise yourself by using the versatility of this item discover a whole new dimension to your style.

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