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The New Movement Known As The United Garden Of Eden

By Paulette Richards
A new movement of a sort came about from a newly formed group a couple of years ago. It is called the United Garden of Eden. The group came about in an effort to bring back the Biblical Garden of Eden in a sense.

They offer a web page for all individuals of the World to check out and be able to speech concerns or issues as well as to join in the come returning to Eden. Their objective is for the whole globe to be able observe the come returning to the Lawn in serenity regardless of what their religious beliefs or nationality is.

United Garden of Eden has their own holy day that they enjoy. It is known as Q Day and it starts beginning in manufactured on Oct 5th around 3 o clock and goes through dusk on Oct 6th. It is the day that Q goes back to Eden.

If you have yet to hear about Q, don’t feel awful, most people have no clue who he is. Q is merely a guy whom believes that he will be the center of a prediction by made in the past. That prediction is that he will return to the Garden of Eden.

Q created an whole movie journal of the very first Q Day. It can be considered on the website. There are more than a few movie clips involved in the sequence.

In these videos, Q makes claims to speak to an invisible person and other things that may be difficult to believe. He spends a great deal of time in the beginning trying to convince everyone that he is no longer mentally ill. He admits to having symptoms of mental illness since the age of 5.

He goes on to bring up the media and United States government by talking about how intrusive they really are on peoples lives. He talks about the past elections and seems to put down the president of the United States along. He then makes statements to the Muslims.

He speaks of the entire U. S. Doing nothing but distributing rumors of the Islamic Sacred guide being complete of only bad factors. He tries to make it seem that he is on their side by saying that he considers there to be excellent in their guide as if saying he is the only United states who considers that Muslims are excellent individuals.

He invest a bit of your energy and attempt going over the different titles he has had in all his many previous lifestyles. He goes on to expose who he really believes he is. According to him that he is a great person from Jerusalem, or better known to most as Christ.

As he gets closer to the end of his ramblings, he tells every person that all of the Christians are not correct in their beleifs simply because the almighty is really a woman not really a guy. She is the mother however there’s also a father. He calls the father Jahovah. Q thinks that he may be the son of the almighty and is also meant to bring all the individuals on this planet to the united Garden of Eden to live forever.

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