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The Message That The Original Book Of Mormon Has

By Kerry Ross
Everyone may have had an experience when someone would come up to them and talk about Christ. Religion is a very sensitive topic and almost everyone would rather keep mum about it. There are still apprehensions about how people should react when people would come up to them to talk about Jesus and the teachings. It would take some time for people to fully know what the original Book of Mormon means to those who believe.

So many things are up for these believers. People would always be there to question them and make them feel that what they believe in is nothing. Missionaries are the ones who face most of the adversaries because they meet more people. But of course they endure things for their beliefs.

The public especially love to ostracize people whose points of view are different from that of their own. Somehow, they may feel that they are not going to let things go without someone bowing to the other. They could also make life difficult for the believers since they want to dampen their spirits. In anyway, it becomes the inspiration of believers to continue with their beliefs.

Others who are entertaining the thought are likely to be swayed first by the person before them. They could act like they would want to know more because they see that these things are making sense or are touching them. At the end of the day however, they will be required to read the book and that is when they would start to feel confused.

Faith is necessary and these people who have faith are believers. They would always know how to see through the words and put them in their hearts. Some people would question them and would try to sway them into believing otherwise. At the end of the day, they should take time to really understand and fully grasp the teachings so that they will get to follow these.

Christians differ in their beliefs which is why it is really hard to compare the book with their beliefs. It is very common for some people to be confused since they may believe that these things presented to them are different. The idea though is that they should just absorb these things with an open mind.

The doctrine that the prophet Joseph Smith wanted people to rely on is very deep. Everyone should know that God is open to their interpretations and that everyone should have that person understanding of things. For him, there are no words that man could come up with to fully understand God and everything about him.

The open mind is vital because it leads people to accepting a lot of things. Missionaries and church members do not want people to follow blindly. They would want these people to see things with a clear vision so that they will become effective followers.

Having the original Book of Mormon to guide their lives is a blessing for these people. They have presented their beliefs in a play as well. They hope people would understand them more.

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