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The Lighter Side Of Preaching With Funny Sermon Illustrations

By Myrtle Cash
Funny sermon illustrations have given ministers a fresh lease on their preaching. Gone are the traditional days where sermons meant hearing quotes from the Bible or listening to the ministers telling us what we did was wrong. Now we actually enjoy the sermons without our mind wandering in between.

It is true that life philosophies and religion are very complex and serious topics. It is quite a given that people who would talk about these themes would present their speech in a very serious manner. The speaker has to perform a dual task when they come before the audience. They need to impart knowledge about their topic and they also need to keep the listeners interested.

The thing is when people sit down to listen to you, they do so with a lot expectations. Whether they stop listening after a while or not they start out with a lot of hope. But as they encounter things that they do not understand, they start focusing on other things like what people are wearing, or what hat somebody has on or they make lists of things that they have to do. And all the time you spent preparing the sermon would not achieve any results.

I guess this observation brought about the change and introduced the concept of including jokes and funny stories in their speeches. Someone somewhere must have realized that nobody is really listening and they are just sitting there out of respect. So, to keep people listening, sermon givers started including humorous anecdotes. And it proved to be a hit.

Using such humorous stories has another advantage. The topics that are normally taken up for sermons are those which we face in our daily lives. They tell us what our attitude should be when we face problems in different spheres of our lives. When we make light of such problems, relating to them and understanding what the correct way of dealing with such situations is, becomes easy.

Maybe you had a fight with your best friend and you stomped off angrily without hearing what she had to say. If you go to your mother and tell her about this you know you will have to hear a long lecture about how your attitude is wrong and you fight all the time and other such things.

But instead if your mom told you something funny that she did when she had a fight with her best friend and then how she made up, you would realize your mistake far easily or see her point. In the same manner, and on the same lines, sermons also include something funny and interesting.

I have also noticed that the speakers try not to make fun of other people in their sermons. I think this is a good way to share the teachings of our Lord. And I have to accept that funny sermon illustrations are more fun than your regular sermons.

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