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The Importance Of Sightings Of Jesus To Christians

By Jennie Sandoval
Resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated by many Christian even though many do not know its meaning. Even after his resurrection thousand years ago his appearances are still being seen today. It is just amazing how it happens. These images leave people wondering what they mean as they appear in place where it is least expected. Many years after his resurrection we still have sightings of jesus today, where by many people see his face in everyday life.

Most of these images appear in places where no one can even in their wildest imagination think of seeing them such as on the wind screen of vehicles, in the clouds and in the womb. Many have witnessed this as they appear to them after his resurrection. This shows it is true that our Lord really rose from the dead. All these happenings give a clear picture showing us that there is a more powerful being who is our heavenly father and that he went through all the suffering for our sake.

Many who saw his face said he was smiling at them. It has helped many to grow their faith in him and believe in existence of the living father. We are able to feel the protected by the presence of our father.

Many do not know what to think of these strange happenings. There is no one who can be able to tell the meaning of this . From all these happenings we get to know of the love Of Jesus for us.

It is just amazing how Jesus gets to show himself to us. Just as his disciples saw him after his death; it is the same way he is being seen today. His presence is still with us each and every day.

It is evident that they are the true image of our Lord. For those who do not have the faith they see this as just imagination of other people. It goes without doubt that to believe in this visions you have to have faith in the Lord.

No one can for sure tell what this means as its meaning remains unknown. These images give the true picture of our Lord, his loving caring nature and that He is always there. It is an extra ordinary thing that these images show and the importance they bring to our lives.

The sightings of Jesus show his resurrection for is real. These images which are being seen by different people should be looked into to find its meaning. We are supposed to believe that there is an important message being passed to us through all this. We are certain that we have a helper in him whenever we are faced with difficulties. The love of God is revealed to us thanks to these sightings that are being seen by different people.

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