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The History Of Joshua And The Promised Land

By Adela Beasley
Although the Bible had many iconic figures and legendary heroes, Joshua, who was the successor of Moses, was one of the most well known because of his achievements. He was born and raised in Egypt and is from the tribe of Ephraim being the only son of Nun. When he grew older, he followed Moses and helped him lead the Jews out of Egypt during the time where the Israelites were slaves. This short outline will show the significant points in the history of Joshua.

After the escape of the Jews, he was the one who accompanied Moses to the top of Mount Sinai during the giving of the famous Ten Commandments. He was also the partner of Caleb as these two figures were associated with each other a lot. Together, they were two of twelve spies that were sent to observe Canaan and report back what they have observed about the Canaanites.

According to the book of Joshua, it is was him who was fully in charge of the conquest to Canaan during the death of Moses. When God commanded the Israelites to conquer the promised land, it was this man who was directly communicating with God about this matter. God directly stated to him the covenant and told him what to say to the Israelites.

One very well known battle called the Battle of Jericho, was known to be the first victory of the Israelites against the foreigners. They were able to win simply because God paved a way for them to enter the land and ambush the enemy by opening up the Jordan river. Their next conquest, which was a city by the name of Ai, was also a success because they were able to defeat the leader Achan.

However, the Canaanites retaliated by using the Gibeonites as a means to trick the Jews into becoming allies. This eventually lead to another war with the Amorites who were allies with the Canaanites. However, with God on the side of the Israelites, Joshua was able to repel the enemy forces because God stopped the sky from moving and thus made it impossible for night time to come.

He also commanded the conquest of the northern lands that were ruled by king Hazor. When king Hazor was finally brought out of power, the Israelites had conquered the entire land and dedicated their victory to God. It was then that the covenant of God was fulfilled.

With the conquest of the entire land, each land was divided into parts and given to tribes. During the division of the land, Joshua performed certain ceremonies for God and proceeded to retire after warning the people that if they had other gods, the land will be gone. He died at a ripe old age of one hundred and ten and his body was brought back to Ephraim.

What made the history of Joshua extremely significant to the time line of Israel were his achievements in the name of God. Without him, it would not have been possible for the Israelites to take control of the promised land given by God. He was definitely an amazing hero that God has chosen for His people.

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