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The History Of Joshua And His Faith In God

By Cathy Mercer
The history of Joshua begins in earnest when he followed Moses as the leader of the Israelites. He was known as a general, someone who fought battles that God wanted him to fight. He and the Israelites often enjoyed the help of God during battles. One such battle saw God rain hailstones down on his enemies, killing more of the enemy than even the Israelites could manage. When he perished he was 110 years of age. During his life he performed the will of God and divided land up among the various tribes.

It has been said that he was the first general of Israel. This happened long before he followed Moses as the leader. The first recollection of this occurred after the Exodus, when a a fierce nomad tribe had attacked the Israelites. Despite not being trained to fight, they actually won with help from his leadership.

When Moses appointed him as the leader of the group, it was one of the last acts he did before passing away. Those interested in this part should consult the Bible passages Joshua 1:, 2:1 for more information. This was written at around 1398 B. C. After he became leader, he was sent to the Jordan River, not far away from Jericho and its high walls.

In order to take Jericho he had to cross the Jordan River during the rainy season as there were no crossings back then. This took a tremendous amount of faith, even though God had given His word they would be safe. The priests carried the Ark of the Covenant across the river, and as they did so, the waters started to recede.

Joshua actually means The Lord is Salvation. His original name was Hoshea, but Moses changed it. His mum was actually a nun who gave birth to him about forty years prior to the Exodus. Those who want more information on his birth mother and his birth should consult 1 Chronicles 7:20,27.

An interesting thing is that though Moses did indeed bring the Ten Commandments up to Mount Sinai at the command of God, he chose Joshua to be at his side for a while as he ascended the mountain. He was a very trusted member of the Israelites and was very loyal to God. At times he was sent as a spy to report on various cities they wanted to take.

After the walls of Jericho came down, they were told by God to extend their reach far and wide. In Joshua 11:18-23, 12:24, this story is told in far more depth. Once Canaan, The Promised Land, was finally taken, the land was shared among the tribes and he was given Timnath-serah as a gift from God. It was here that he was laid to rest, some 25 years after they’d found The Promised Land.

Although the history of Joshua is littered with bloodshed, death and fighting, the overall story is one of belief. His faith in God was such that he did not waver, even when others might have balked at the odds. Therefore, the main story that comes from his tale is that trust in God can overcome anything.

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