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The Historical Jesus Revealed To Men

By Flossie Gibbs
Scholars supporting minimalist expressions have steadily increased up to this moment. They only have little trust in historical Jesus revealed by the Bible, bestowing greater confidence on alternative records. Such action tends to discredit Scriptural assertions as relatively inaccurate, at least up to when documentary proof or archaeological is discovered. Indeed, the Bible indeed has been trusted by repeated generations of believers. Presently however, it seems to be held as just any other secondary document of reference that calls for correction in accuracy. Furthermore, some scholars do not even acknowledge that biblical accounts are true scientifically.

The Bible has indeed been held venerable by many generations of believers. However at present, it appears to be treated only as secondary reference document baying for correction as regards its accuracy. Some scholars even refuse to acknowledge biblical records as being truly scientific.

Overall effect of criticizing the Bible is that in many ways authenticity of its main Character and Messiah Jesus Christ becomes questionable. From 1985, a group called the Jesus Seminar, comprising of around 200 authors and scholars, has done that exactly. It aims at reconstructing the historical life of Jesus through modern critical approach together with weeding out fact from reality within Gospel narratives.

Members who constitute the group reject all forms of end-time prophecies, or apocalyptic eschatology in particular. They state in addition that Jesus only healed psychosomatic illness, thereby discarding any miracles he did. While acknowledging that the Messiah was in fact crucified by the Romans, suffering public shame, they vehemently reject His resurrection. Such denial expressly contradicts the testimony provided by Paul, Peter and Mary Magdalene concerning the risen Lord, limiting them to momentary visionary experiences.

The net outcome coming with such criticism of Christ is to strip Him off all his divine attributes as published and held popular by his disciples. Wholesome and radical dismissal of factual records provided from ancient time casts some cynicism over reliability and truthfulness as well of Bible. This occurs since they represent Savior Jesus merely as the Jewish peasant who just interacted freely with underprivileged members of society, giving them a couple of lectures on personal piety.

A steady stream of conflicting views however does come forth immediately to challenge just how substantial are such negative sentiments. It for example is unfathomable how an intangible figure would manage leave indelible marks through history as to command enormous following which stands at 2 billion to date.

Sure enough, some disconnect exists somewhat in this entire argument, but it has had only minor impact upon the believers in general. This shows that most of them are firmly rooted in their faith. It is well accepted that no historian who is enlightened can lay formidable claims against the fundamental importance of Jesus the Nazarene in history. Anyone trying such an attempt would at once be confronted with multiple accounts that support both his reality and messianic significance.

F. F. Bruce, a biblical theologian is the only one among multiple notable scholars like Suetonius, Flavius Josephus, Tacitus and Pliny the Younger who make reference to the historical Jesus revealed in reality. Tacitus, the Roman historian through his writings, indicates how the emperor imposed blame on City Christians for prompting the conflagration. As well, Jewish historian and General Josephus who lived well into early second century, penned writings that turned out to be controversial during his time.

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