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The Great Needs Of The Zimbabwe Mission

By Katrina Wheeler
The Zimbabwe Mission very much needs help. Located right above Africa and under Zambia, the country is suffering dire financial issues. The economy has pretty much totally collapsed. The majority of the citizens are extremely poor. Most suffer with significant shortages of food.

One project in particular is working hard to help these poor people. The Zimbabwe Mission project works to aid about a thousand needy orphans . They have built and continue to operate the Heather Chimhoga Orphan Center. They strive to provide two nutritious meals each day to around a thousand orphans and preschoolers.

In addition to nutritional needs, a large portion of these particular children have either AIDS or other serious illnesses. A full-time nurse is now available to provide for many of their medical requirements. Generous donations of both medical help and medicines have helped to significantly reduce their child mortality rate. However, they can use even more help from others.

Economic and policy restrictions have both caused it to be harder to receive items donated to them. Because of this, they are working hard to try growing more locally produced food with the use of on-site gardens. They have also found a use for the moringa trees which provide needed nutrients like calcium, vitamin C, protein, and vitamin A.

They try to provide each child with the money for the required school fees that must be paid. They operate a co-op that produces the school uniforms that the children are required to wear. They also try to supply needed school supplies, and renovate buildings like the school and library. They help to drill new wells, so that the children can have fresh, clean water. They also help the local citizens in coming up with income producing projects.

As is true almost any time a country experiences extreme poverty conditions, funds for needed items are usually in short supply. Many churches partner with them to help supply the needed items. However, sometimes they encounter difficulties in getting the items to them. The ability to purchase and ship nutritional foods like rice and beans has been hindered.

Many schools are trying to help their schools by giving old computers and school furniture. They often will also do clothing and food drives to try to help. Some work hard to gather personal hygiene items that are always in short supply. Even with this help, they could still use more donated items.

Even with many people giving generously to the Zimbabwe Mission, difficulties still occur. The donated items must be shipped to them. Some of the crates used to ship the items by sea are quite expensive. They can cost at least 10 thousand dollars each. Too often, donated items are in storage crates, because the funds are not readily available to ship them. Many caregivers give lovingly of their time to give to them. They need the help of all of us. We should be willing to give to those who are less fortunate than us.

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