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The First Edition Book Of Mormon

By Cornelia Reyes
Historians, libraries and book collectors attach an incredible price tag to the first edition Book of Mormon. This is the unedited version that traces its origin to New England despite its inconsistencies in tenses, numbers and spelling. It was written in Jacobean English and does not contain any changes or corrections of original scripts.

According to the Latter Day Saints Movement, these scriptures are sacred and are words from American prophets. These prophets lived between 2200BC and 421 AD. John Smith did the intermediary work of copying from the Plates of Nephis. The language or form used to write these scriptures was called reformed Egyptian. Joseph had to make translations on behalf of the angel Moroni.

It is the contribution of a number of prophets over time, with the last one being Moroni who buried the scripts on the hills where New York currently stands. Moroni returned to the earth as an angel in 1827 to reveal where the scripts had been hidden. He instructed Joseph Smith to begin the work of translation. The message he was giving to the church was that Christ would restore His church that had been distorted over the years.

Some of the discussions contained in the original texts include Christian doctrines such as the sin of Adam and Eve, redeeming the soul and body, eschatology and atonement. The expected organization structure of the Latter Day church was discussed as well. There is a clear departure when the writing states that Jesus made an appearance to Americans after His resurrection.

The book is held in high regard among the members of this movement because it has unique writings. It carries duality in importance since it is both a holy scripture and a record of how God dealt with ancient inhabitants in America. It is made up of smaller books with titles as the names of original authors. It also comes in chapters and verses like most religious books.

There is heavy borrowing of a style used in King James Version bible including the Early Modern English. Translations have been done over the years into 108 languages and counting. They are either partial or complete translations. Among the accounts given of the translation process include special spectacles that were prepared and given by the angel. There is a mention of sealed content that is yet to be revealed.

There are a number of witnesses to these revelations including seven with signed affidavits. Among the people who assisted in production of the book is Harris Martin who financed production by selling his land. It was released to the market in March 1830. This was after Martin allegedly disappeared with the initial 168 translated pages. Cowdery Oliver stepped in and helped with the final translation.

Front page text for the first edition Book of Mormon was a direct translation from a plate that bore the title The Very Last Leave. The message contained in these scriptures is that God would be with Americans like he had been with the ancestors before them. This is the message was to be spread to be passed to entire world.

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