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The Duties Of Disaster Relief Ministry

By Estela Bolton
Disaster relief ministry refers to an organization whose activities are directed towards charity. The beneficiaries of the charitable activities are those people that are faced by disaster. This disaster may be in many different forms.

Among the victims they salvage are people who live in areas that are occasionally stricken by drought. These individuals are usually greatly affected in many dimensions. The drought may lead to different deficiencies. The most dangerous is that of water and food. Virtually all water sources dry up leaving none for the people or even the animals to take. The people become very thin and healthy. They look hopeless and some even commit suicide.

A very affected category is that of young children. These ones become very sick and weak since the immunity of young ones is much more delicate. They suffer from several deficiencies associated with nutrition. A good number of them end up dead. The plants on the other hand all dry and no single one thrives on that soil. All animals also die and people are left helpless.

When the ministry gets to hear of this calamity, it usually acts very fast. This is because they have got the necessary facilities. Besides, salvaging people from such calamities is usually their main focus. The major aid given to the people in such areas is food aid. Food that is sufficient for all individuals is taken to those places. It may not be all that sweet, but the fact that it has high nutritive value is good enough. The people also are educated on the nest crops to grow so that they can overcome drought in the next season.

Flood is another calamity that usually leaves all the people devastated. This may happen due to too much rain or due to hurricanes in the great seas and oceans. These ones end up sweeping all the property that belongs to the residents residing at the shores of those water bodies. It usually is considered worse because it comes with absolutely no warning.

In these circumstances, the bodies concerned with provision of relief must prioritize accommodation facilities. If they have enough money, they may build them relatively permanent structures. But in the very initial stages, majority is hosted within tents that are rather temporary. During the event, they may also bring in facilities that are usually important in salvaging people and their property from such places.

The ministry in this case also has to look for the most effective ways to assist these people. This may be by first of all taking a number of them through serious counseling. This is because many lose [their whole families. They are left alone and life feels so meaningless to them. Shelter, food and other basic commodities are also given to the survivors to at least cheer them up.

Disaster relief ministry is extremely important. This is because they do a lot to make the people that have suffered a given calamity to recover from shock. They also give them a very important beginning point. Besides, they help give permanent solutions that can curb such future similar disasters. Many people appreciate the services of this ministry.

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