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The Difference Between Old Covenant Vs New Covenant

By Nita McKinney
The difference of old covenant vs new covenant is often the source of debates among the believers of the Holy Bible. Some assert that the former only complements the latter, but others maintain that each is contradictory to the other. Before you can pass your own judgment, it is advisable to closely study and comprehend each. Only then would you be able to identify their similarities or differences.

In definition, covenant is a binding agreement. When used in this context, it refers to a contract forged by two parties. This is the agreement of man with God. It also speaks of God’s commune with His people. Although both covenants were forged by the same God, the new compact is relatively loose when compared to the first one.

God spoke through His prophets in the Old Testament. It was when He made a pact to the Israelites to protect and guide them. He vowed to free them from captivity and enslavement. He pledged to make them a powerful nation. This also includes the pact that God made with Moses on behalf of the humankind.

This spoke mainly of how the people of God should live their lives. It outlined the interactions between one another. It set down the regulations and policies about marriage, slavery, crimes and its corresponding penalties. This is where the ten commandments were forged with Moses. It was a timely compact when the people needed guidance more than anything else.

However, as years passed by, the needs, state and lifestyle of the people started to change. Hence, there was a need to renew the agreement. People have been given more freedom. Now, some promises were already acted on, including the freedom of the Israelites. The people have also learned to distinguish right and wrong. The compact was then modified.

This time, God reached out to His people through His own son. Jesus Christ preached about God’s love. He performed many miracles to spread God’s goodness. He also made the ultimate sacrifice when he was crucified just to save the humankind from the death of sin. The teachings of offering is no longer needed after the Lamb of God offered Himself.

The Old Testament notes that atonement and offerings can save one from damnation. Blood sacrifices had been required to pay for wrongdoings. This was changed in the New Testament. Now, salvation is at hand for those who believe. Faith alone can save. After all, the agreement is established mainly on God’s unending love.

The New Testament also emphasizes forgiveness as opposed to punishments in the Old. The ten commandments have been simplified to just two. First, you must love God more than anything else. Second, love your neighbor in the same way as you yourself. Jesus preached of the new commandment to the people.

At present, debates concerning old covenant vs new covenant still lives on. There are contradicting doctrines among different religious denominations because of their varying interpretations of the Bible. Still, coming from the same God, both are created only for the people’s welfare. Understand each one to fully comprehend God’s instructions.

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