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The Benefits Of Self Realization Actualization

By Sherri Cohen
Many people are curious about the meaning of self realization actualization. This is a term frequently used in the discipline of psychology. Its roots go back to the late 1930’s with the work of Kurt Goldstein. He began writing about the human potential for self awareness. At this time the study of the human desire to improve was in its early stages.

Abraham Maslow is the pioneer in the field of individual realization and actualization. He spent years studying the behaviors and characteristics of those he felt possessed some fundamentally different characteristics. These were people who stood out from the ordinary because they were willing to follow their heart and not be influenced and demoralized by the behavior and comments of others.

Maslow published some of his ideas in a book called “Motivation and psychology.” In this book he introduced many of the ideas that would go on to form the basis of the humanistic branch of psychology. He identified many characteristics that he felt were common to people who had reached this advanced state of being.

Many people get stuck on their journey to personal discovery because they feel that problems in their lives are stopping them from moving forward. In Maslow’s interpretation this is not a valid factor. Self actualized individuals have just as many problems as anyone else, it is just that they focus on the bigger picture. In fact, that very act is often what allows them to work effectively through a problem and move into a more productive part of their lives.

Part of the study was focused on identifying people who had reached their advanced level. Maslow believed that Albert Einstein and Henry David Thoreau were two people who had reached the most advanced levels of self awareness. They focused their lives not on their own problems, but rather on finding solutions to cultural problems. This is a distinct feature that is very important. People who have reached, or are moving towards a higher level of self awareness and not devoid of personal problem. They just deal with them in a different way.

Typical characteristics of highly evolved people are their love of nature. They often live very simply, yet have a heightened awareness of the forces of nature and can really appreciate it beauty. They see themselves as an integral part of the universe and as having a place in the world. Although they may well utilize all the latest technology they do not allow it to rule their lives in an unproductive way.

As people move further along the road to awareness they often develop a strong appreciation for nature. They enjoy spending time outside and value simple pleasures. They are often spontaneous, engaged and very much alive. A feeling of being one with the universe is very common. This can help them through a lot of problems and helps to maintain calm and focus on what really matters.

Peak experiences are an essential component of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. He witnessed the behavior of self realization actualization and how it affected those who worked toward it. Peak experiences occur when the individual feels completely at one with the universe. They are profound and harmonious moments that will be remembered for the rest of that persons life.

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