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The Benefits Of An Encounter With God

By Myrtle Cash
An encounter with God is among the most fulfilling experiences. Here, the Almighty usually shows His people the level of love he has for them. It is something that happens to each and every individual. The only difference is, some never get to notice that it has happened to them.

This experience is never selective on who it happens to. It happens to practically every individual this is because, to God, we all are his children. We therefore all have the right to experience and testify of his goodness upon our live. This may happen to those people that are considered worst in society. It this, God may decide to leave an individual and let them be mishandled by the world.

It is at this point that Christ takes the lives of these people out of His hands. He then leaves them to the world, which is of course controlled by the devil. The devil being one very ruthless creature, he takes these people through mighty torment. The kind of torment he gives them then makes these people realize that should they continue in practices similar to those, then they might die miserable in the devil. Such people hence turn to Christ.

The encounter also may be in the form of a good event. Very great things may happen to the life of an individual who can straight away attribute the way they have happened to God. These ones may be in the form of prayers answered, or the Almighty rewarding them for something good that they have done.

The people that are most despised, neglected or hated in society may be the ones that experience this goodness. These people may have really though Christ does not exist, until He personally manifests to them that He is there, and that he primarily died for them. They later on get to understand that whether neglected and forsaken, Christ still died for them.

People in the world are in two different categories. There are those that believe in the Almighty and those that do not. Those that do not may at times seek to transform those that belong to the Lord, so that they become just like them. Given that these people have been faithful to Christ, He can never leave them alone. These are the times when He comes to them and tells them that there he is, and that he shall never leave them.

Some people usually believe in very strange norms about how they want to prove of the existence of Christ. Some think that it is only through signs that they have their experience with Christ. These people therefore seek for miracles through all manner of ways. Christ manifests equally to all individuals and in different ways. As such, people should always be very keen on thanking Him for every kind of goodness that he shows them every other day.

An encounter with God is such an amazing experience. It comes in highly diversified ways. People may never get to realize the experiences, but a time finally comes for every individual. These are the times when people now choose to work and live for the Lord.

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