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The Antiquity Of Biblical Honor Killing

By Debra Cooley
Providing an account of the biblical honor killing involves looking at the instances in the bible where honor murder was allowed. These instances are provided for in the Old Testament. The first instance is encountered in the book of Deuteronomy. Chapter 22 provides a perfect scenario involving the chastity of the women. There are among the laws which were given to Mosses for the Israelites to follow.

If for anything, they are considered as having acted within the law. There are some instances which murder was allowed in the Bible. The laws of Moses are the first ones which made provision to this effect. The history traces back to the provision of Deuteronomy at Chapter 22. This book of the bible clearly demonstrate the circumstance under which murder was considered as being biblical honor. This specific chapter of Deuteronomy makes specific provision in regard to chastity.

These laws were explicitly provided for in the Old Testament. For instance, a case in point to demonstrate the provision on the Bible is found in the book of Deuteronomy at Chapter number 22. This Chapter talks about chastity. Chastity could be defined to mean pure.

This law required that all women should remain pure before being married. Engaging in sexual intercourse before marriage was considered as committing a crime. When one was found to be guilty of the crime, then the punishment was death. In this regard, the law provided that if a man and a woman is married, there was to be presumption that the marriage will be consummated the same night of the marriage as per the traditions.

In a situation like this, the laws of Moses allowed for the murdering of the woman as she is considered to have committed a crime which attracts death penalty. The law was very biased and did not take some other factors into consideration. For instance, the woman was not allowed to defend himself or even to talk about anything if she is guilty.

The individuals in charge of the scrutiny would report back their findings. The law therefore required that a woman who is not pure to be killed. The killing was being done through stoning and burning of the woman to death. Then they are being buried. This is a perfect example where the biblical law permitted the murdering.

The book of Judges also gives another instance were the murder was honored specifically at Chapter 11. This is an instance were the murder was for the purpose of offering sacrifice to God. Japhthah had made a promise to God that he would offer to him as sacrifice, anything he would meet at the door of his house if only God allowed him to successfully fight the Ammonites.

He made a vow to God that if he could get hold of the Ammonites, then he would offer to God sacrifice the first thing that he will meet on the door after coming from the war. God granted him his wish and when he came back, he met his daughter at the door. Therefore, he had no option but to kill his daughter and to offer her as a burnt sacrifice to God even though that was her only daughter. These two provisions of the bible clearly show the antiquity of biblical honor killing as showed in the Old Testament of the Bible

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