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The 18 Missing Years Of Jesus Christ

By Estela Bolton
The 18 missing years of Jesus Christ is known to be the time period where in the Holy Bible has absolutely no record of the acts of the Messiah from the age of twelve up to thirty. Basically, the Bible does not really give much reference to Him as a child but gave more emphasis to His acts when he already grew up. That is why no one knows what has transpired during this time period.

The only record that the New Testament had about the Son of God would be when he was at the age of twelve. The book of Luke clearly stated that as a child, He and His parents would always attend the Passover Feast in Jerusalem. Of course the New Testament also stated that He lived with his family in Galilee and grew up strong in faith.

After these events, no one knew what had happened next which is why there were so many groups who tried to make their own stories. Some groups even believed that He traveled to far away lands and even ended up in India because He wanted to learn about other religions. Of course these theories were only regarded as historical gossip and were inevitably rejected.

Scholars actually had their own interpretation of the missing years but based everything on what was written in the chapter of Luke. Now this gospel also stated that aside from attending the Passover Feast, he would also be seen in temples surrounded by religious teachers and conversing with them. According to the passage, these teachers had never heard anyone speak about God much like Jesus did because His knowledge was so extensive.

Teachers and regular citizens alike were very impressed by His extensive knowledge as the things He said were not something a mere teenager would know. He literally amazed everyone by His knowledge and wisdom of the scriptures. Even the wise men were at awe because He was just the son of a mere carpenter.

Of course there have been other theories about what He was doing during this time period that were rejected because of lack of evidence. One Arthurian legend suggested that Christ as a young man, visited Britain and spread the Word there. Apparently, this was the reason why Christianity became the predominant religion in this country.

Other sources suggested that He was studying with certain sects and cults that evolved in Judaism and also traveled with them. Among the most popular ones is the theory that he was studying with the Essenes and traveled to the desert of Judea to learn more from their knowledge. Of course others suggested that He also studied with the Pharisees.

So if one would observe, the 18 missing years of Jesus Christ is just a huge gap that cannot be filled. Unless more evidence about this time period can be found, no one will know what He did. In fact, many have tried to fill the gap but have failed.

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