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The 18 Missing Years Of Jesus Christ May Have Been Spent Traveling The East

By Amanda Baird
The incredible being known as Jesus Christ to Christians and Nabi Esa Ruhullah by Muslims was one of the most revered people to walk the planet earth. His teachings brought mankind out of darkness into enlightenment during a time when all hope was lost. His historical birth and early childhood years have been meticulously recorded but the 18 missing years of Jesus Christ, which was between 12 and 30 years, have remained a mystery to many theologians.

At a young age he was quite adamant about his mission and prepared himself at every opportunity. At the age of twelve it was discovered that he was not the caravan on their return trip from Jerusalem. Easter was celebrated over that weekend and his parents eventually found him interacting with the scholars in the temple.

As he was a very responsible child and already proclaimed his work as a teacher following Almighty God’s orders, they were not surprised at all. The mystery unravels when scriptures confirming the presence and teachings of a person which they named Saint Issa in the Indian province of Kashmir. The Saint appeared to have had a momentous impact on the people of the place and was recorded as ‘holy and pure of spirit’.

The new saint spoke out against the idol worshipers of the country and preached that they should bow down to the one true Almighty God alone. The length of time that was spent in Kashmir is not exactly certain but it was known that quite some time was spent in Persia. Many researchers that delved into the history uncovered many facts about this matter.

One of the most famous and beloved American psychics of the last century was the highly gifted Edgar Cayce. He had the ability to go into an induced trance state and prescribe medication and treatment procedures to patients that was incredibly accurate and successful. He also had insight into worldly matters and Jesus Christ was one of his favorite topics as he himself was a very staunch Christian.

Lovingly called ‘the sleeping prophet’ he went on to help thousands of people across America and elsewhere. These readings as it was called was written down and stored for further references as everyone was aware of the important information they contained. The reading about the prophet in Kashmir was not much in detail but enough to suggest that he was indeed there for a while.

According to Cayce’s readings, the prophet was told by an Essenene prophetess to go to Persia and India and learn the spiritual disciplines found in these countries. Under supervision of Brahmic sages he was taught ancient truths, wisdom and enlightenment of Buddhist Laws. He returned to his homeland at the age of 29.

Those that are well aware of the accuracy and precision of the readings will no doubt believe this information. The 18 missing years of Jesus Christ is no longer a mystery at all as more and more evidence is surfacing about his time spent in the mysterious East. As there is no evidence of him being in his homeland during this time it proves another point.

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