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Suggestions On When Will The Rapture Happen

By Harriett Crosby
The rapture is a great source of amusement. Question on when will the rapture happen have caused greatly amazing and confounding arguments. Read on to have a rough idea on how various ideological schools of thought treat this juicy topic. Have no worry if you do not feel convinced at the end of the day because you are not the first.

Globally, people hold different views concerning the end of the world. It is a hot discussion that has occupied the minds of human beings from then beginning. No one seems to offer a convincing answer and the debate therefore rages on. All views seem to point to the certainty that the end shall somehow occur but none tells how and when.

While some think the rapture is going to happen, fractions also have a differing opinion. They stick to the visible fact that what exists must remain. They hold that as many have come and gone, more will do so in the lasting future. And the cycle will repeat itself forever and every generation finding their own means of survival once it comes to life. They believe that is an order and it will be.

According to the Hindu religion, the rapture is not about the termination of human soul. They believe in reincarnation of the human soul and its taking other savage souls. For instance, Indians do not eat cows because they believe that some ancestors might have taken such forms after reincarnation. The big question is when those cows shall come to an end and occasion to the ultimate apocalypse.

There are people who think that death occurs to bring the end of individual lives. For so they hold that if all were to die at the same moment, that is what could be termed as the ultimate end of the world. Yet those who belong to that school of thought are still concerned about that end day. They still have their skepticism on how and what the actual apocalypse would be like.

Great thinkers in the field of science hold that the world will be ended by the careless mistake of a rogue scientist. With the advent of great technological advancements, this school of thought seems quite plausible. The big question is when and how this is bound to happen. Since scientists have been schooled on the handling of these dangerous arsenals, it is rare to have anyone of them committing a mistake enough to do total annihilation. Again, all fatal scientific weapons and ingredients are in the safe keeping of governments and not individuals.

Others have the belief that there is no rapture but the world ends when we experience our individual deaths. This is rather hopeless because there is still an end after one dies. Those who propose that this is the truth do in short suggest that there shall be no end to the earth because all people cannot all die because young ones are still being born.

Islamic views profess the Christian views on the coming Day of Judgment. Although Christianity does not propose judgment in terms of deeds like their Muslim brothers, they both believe that the world shall come to an end on the final day of reward and punishment. To answer the question on when will the rapture happen, a balanced observance of all schools of thought is imperative. However, some views are no doubt more logical and commonsensical than others.

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