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Spreading The Gospel Through Christian Tees

By Marissa Velazquez
Christians are mandated with the task of spreading the good news about salvation so that everyone has a chance to benefit from it. This is why evangelism is at the core of all their activities. A number of methods are utilized by believers in an attempt to lead others to the path of salvation. These include television and radio messages, one on one conversations and bumper stickers on vehicles. Believers use Christian tees to help spread the good news of Christ’s sacrifice for all mankind.

Contrary to the belief held by many, these tees are far from dull and boring. In fact they are available in such wide variety of colors and that most persons should be able to find their pick. Many colors and designs are used to create the shirts. Some shirts carry poignant messages about salvation while others depict powerful scripture verses.

One of the great things about these shirts is the fact that they allow the wearer to communicate a message without having to stop to address individuals. They can also send their messages while focusing on other tasks. This is why they have become a favorite among evangelizers of all ages. This is one of the features that makes them so appealing to many who choose to wear them.

Shirts of this kind are often used at events that attract large crowds such as rallies, concerts and conventions. When worn by members of an evangelism team at a concert, for instance, they help visitors to identify persons with whom they can discuss matters pertaining to the faith.

Another great suggestion for evangelism teams is to distribute the shirts as gifts. Just imagine the extent of the impact of the message when the attendees leave the event and wear the shirts casually. This could allow for the transcending of geographical boundaries especially if some attendees live in foreign countries.

When evangelizers consider delivering their messages, they must factor in language and this is true for fashion based evangelism as well. Some shirts can be created with textual messages in multiple languages. This is especially important when the target audience speak different languages.

Online companies offer a medium through which the shirts may be created. Groups or individuals may customize images, designs or statements and submit them to be imprinted on the garments. They may also opt to use the templates provided by the company. Alternatively, the shirts can be created locally through screen printing techniques. This can be a fun project especially for youth groups in churches.

The clothes you wear sends messages to the people who see you each day. You can never tell which or how many of these people can be transformed into a believer when you decide to include Christian tees in your wardrobe. They add another dimension to the task of evangelism in the modern world.

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